[BROG] Aoshima: Rockbat Model Kit

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How crazy! All these small model kits are really growing on me.
Nice one Stephan - great box art. I still think you should build that sucker ;-)

I've been tempted by the nice box art on many models, but don't want to branch out in that direction - too many other things to look for.
Yeah, the box art is really nice.
I think they are a great addition to the collection.

...and yes Bill...maybe I sould build Rockbat.

BTW here is a small plastic kit of Blazer.
There is also a Rockbat in this size.
I don't have a clue who the manufacturer is, of this kit.
Any ideas?

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Oh man, the Aoshima kits are a treasure of goodess. And there's A LOT of them.

Just a model, it can't really be *that* cool, right???


Wow...pretty cool stuff Mike!
These Yamato & Red Cosmic kits look fantastic.
oh man. vintage toy models. a siren i've avoided. beautiful. dang it, someone posted a link a while back to a Japanese blog of vintage toy-model buildups that had me mesmerized for days...can't find it!
ok - I think maybe it was this one:



Who is this guy?
Don't have a clue...but looks pretty cool!
Wow. Fascinating....

Check out this Jeag variant...a licensed character I presume.

This is the the most bad-ass J-Model site ever.
wow...great stuff! I love the box art.
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