Clover Conundrum

Posted by repairtechjon 
So, there's a Bullmark LuvvyDuvvy thread, a Great Wall of Popy thread, so ...Clover was just as well made and engineered as the.....uh, ahem...anyways..

Seriously, some of the characters, and packaging by Clover just rock your Chik-A-Bow-Wow glitter groove thang.

There's always someone posting some cool Clover stuffs, like Ginrai's Gundam discussion, and the Xabungle shoot, but why not stash some random Clover goofiness in one area for a bit? It's been awhile.

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I'm going to have to start a Ceppi Ratti thread, then...

DO it hillsy!
I can't , since Alen grabbed the Ceppi Zambot ST at the last Summit , and forced me to trade for his other Clover ST on top of that pile. Something said about "lovin' the Zambot" , or whatever...

Seriously though, anybody got Clover sofubi, or tins also?? Amputees welcome!
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
I've got a boat load of Clover sofubi. I'll get some pics up here soon, just been busy.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Clover LOVE!!

Oh Yeah! Clover's ST sized bots were pretty awesomely chunky, and biggie sized, compared to a lot of those other guys' offerings. ;0)

Nice shots Erik. Alen is grinning somewhere I'm sure.
Some autobody/paint guy is crying into his lacquer thinner, with those "awesomely smooth" red paint apps, hehe.

I wish I had taken pics of the box of the ST Zambot I traded, as it had both the Clover markings, and the CeppiRatti marks/stickers. Made in HongKong though if I remember.

I want to make a big poster of the Zambot artwork now.
Put your hands in teh ay-er!

Erik Sjoen (Admin)

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