Amazing paper folding spaceship

Posted by Yann 
I just found this amazing paper folding model.
Instructions can be downloaded here :

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I realize that this isn't origami per se, but it reminds me that I'm still waiting to check out:

Independent Lens: Between the Folds:
Filmmaker Vanessa Gould takes you on a provocative odyssey into the mesmerizing world of modern origami, where artists and scientists use the ancient art form to craft works of delicate beauty and to model cutting-edge mathematical theories. Pushing the envelope of origami to include caricatured portraits and elaborate abstract designs, these experts examine how paper folding can reveal the profound connection between art, science and philosophy.
MattAlt (Admin)
Thanks for posting -- this is really great!
A lot more here : []

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Wow, these are great! Thanks for sharing.
Sanjeev (Admin)
I like this handsome gentleman!

MattAlt (Admin)
This guy has some great stuff, although they're mostly non-Japanese:


Love his SD Iron Men, but the HAL-9000 cracks me up:

does anyone have experience building paper models? when you print it out on a home color printer what grade paperstock do you recommend?

Thank you
Anonymous User
I use white 110lb cardstock by Georgia Pacific for the few paper models I've built. You can get 150 sheets of it at your local WalMart for about $6.
Thank you AcroRay, will try to find similar cardstock.
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