Um apparently the GA52 is now worth more...

Posted by josh fraser 
josh fraser (Moderator)
No one told me I could get 10k for a beat GA52.Wow.


I normally don't like to post live auctions but doubt any of you are going to bite at 10k.
MattAlt (Admin)
Damn, my budget was only $9999.99!!!! Oh well.
josh fraser (Moderator)
So apparently when I suggested to the seller, he might not sell this for 10,000 dollars and that the toy is more a 300-500 mint in box, he seemed to take it well. His response...

"You know What!.. I dont even care! if you have so much like you say, WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY ITEM!!!!!!!! Dont bother me as I put this item up for sale for the people who really interested and serious about it!! DONT BOTHER ME!!!!!!"

So yeah he seems like he is being reasonable. ;-)

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Keerist, I could get the jumbo for less than that. That figure's pretty close to my yearly salary
No good deed goes unpunished.

I also made the mistake of politely suggesting that his $2500 Kamen Rider X Jumbo, without box... often sells for around $500 - $600 when and if it comes around, and that he had a very nice piece, and good luck with his auctions...

I'm sure you can imagine the response I received.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Well his Robo Teacher talker is also 4000.00

So yeah...
Hope someone's happy with purchase.
Is this price because of yellowbelly-ness??
I'm tempted to email and ask him why it's so expensive. I love people that type in caps and fly off the handle like that.
I love buying toys from lunatics :)

....maybe fiercerobot is reincarnated??....
josh fraser (Moderator)
repairtechjon Wrote:
> Hope someone's happy with purchase.
> Is this price because of yellowbelly-ness??
> []
> c&nma=true&item=300494782110&si=sEnkjYcjVErsfTHfDj
> aGNKpwjBk%253D&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK:MEWAX:IT#
> ht_500wt_1156

Well to be fare, the toy is dead stock and the belt sticker was unbroken and it is the buying season . I am sure some cash safe collector bought it....BUT the buyers are private so who knows. Maybe one of the higher priced sellers has purchased it and will re list it for 3000 ;-)
Dude has the Kamen X jumbo listed twice.
2 different prices... $2000 or $1500 what would you do?
Well, duh, Sean.
We can't answer that as we're not "people who really interested and serious about it!" ;0)

What happened to the good ol' days when these sellers would join the board just to rant till meltdown?
Josh, you're such an ev-il provocateur!..or something...whew! that's a big werd.

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He's on to 200.00 more than his original auction. ??
josh fraser (Moderator)
Ok seriously...


A 12.5 Grand car?

I have no words.

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MattAlt (Admin)
This must be the one stuffed with the microfilm containing the cure for cancer.
josh fraser (Moderator)
I could customize a real car to look like the Grand car for this amount.

This guy must have really loved this toy as a child. ;-)
josh fraser (Moderator)
I guess what surprises me the most is the inconsistency of his price structure.


A Reideen for 100 bucks...fair.

A Grand Car for 12,500 bucks... um.
Maybe he's Italian and it's 12,500 lire? ; )

And the least he could do is ship the damn thing for free.

josh fraser (Moderator)
Well maybe if you buy the daiku and the Grand car for $22,000.00 you could get a discount on shipping.

I am trying to get my head around how he chooses which items to price in the tens of thousands over the others. It is kind of strangely fascinates me.

On another note, if he actually sells that thing, I'll be blowing mine out for the low-low price of just $10,000, with free shipping of course. ;)

Gotta' wonder if this is just about getting attention.
You'll see more people overpricing things coming out of the woodwork since Ebay is letting anyone sell 100 items a month for free no matter what the starting auction price is. I think it's good that ebay does that to get more business from sellers who don't want to pay that first fee but I imagine auctions like this one


are here to stay.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Yeah but this seller is not eligible for that...He has 4 feedbacks total.

"If you have already sold more than ten items on eBay, your detailed seller ratings (DSRs) must be 4.5 or higher on all four criteria (Communication, Shipping Cost, Shipping Time, and Item as Described) to be eligible for this Promotional Rate. DSR rating criteria for this promotion will be based on the previous 12 months. If buyers have left you DSRs on 10 or more transactions, you'll have access to a Seller Dashboard within My eBay where you can see your current rating. For more information on DSRs, visit the Seller Information Center. "

Plus didn't that promotion begin in August and end in September?

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josh fraser (Moderator)

Wow what a deal...that is just depressing.
I find it rather amusing like this guy.

You'd think they would bother to put up some real pictures if they expected to sell it. Or maybe they accidentally slipped in an extra 0.
Anonymous User
Or it could be a money-laundering operation...
Try offering him $2000, it's an 80% negiociation !
josh fraser (Moderator)

So apparently the toy got relisted and did not sell at 799 or 1000, so why not relist it at 2500.00?

Not that I mean to advocate for this guy's tactics, but Josh's post above reminds me of a story my GF told me when she was working as a buyer for a small, locally owned department store.

They had certain style of sweater that was not moving at $15 per. They put them on clearance for $8 and they still didn't go. Eventually they raised the price to $45 and they flew off the shelves.

I sell homemade items at craft fairs and these weird struggles with perception of value are a constant issue.

Thank you
I've been running into some real chogo-nut-jobs lately, perhaps you can only fondle vintage metal for so long without it altering your brain chemistry. wife, overlooking what I just wrote: "that explains it".
Dat-chiiii!! Get yer RobodOt-chi heeeerrre!!

Mike Parisi Wrote:
> ...perhaps you can only fondle vintage metal
> for so long without it altering your brain
> chemistry.
> wife, overlooking what I just wrote: "that
> explains it".

You're doing it wrong.
damn it!
Sanjeev (Admin)
This is a good deal on this toy, right?
<too much for something>

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josh fraser (Moderator)
Apparently not, but now everyone knows about the cheap one he is selling now.

He placed the price on the other to get people to see his other auctions.

I assumed that second Daiku auction was put there simply as a means to show more pictures? That guy has been selling/buying forever so I think he's on the level.

On the other hand, I think we have a winner here. Good news for you guys with 10 loose jumbo Grendizers! $4000 for repro boxes!


"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Sanjeev (Admin)
josh fraser Wrote:
> He placed the price on the other to get people to
> see his other auctions.

DRAT!! Foiled again.

Aiight, I'll leave the bunk auction sleuthing to youse guys!

[Though I still can't see how someone "on the level" could ever price <that thing so high>, Dave...]

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Well, I've seen that practice before so even without translating that auction's description, it seemed obvious to me. But if you did take the time to translate, you'd see it reads "Please do not bid here. Auction ID ยท h148844064 a different picture." So the 1.2M is actually to get people to NOT bid. :)

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
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