Um apparently the GA52 is now worth more...

Posted by josh fraser 
josh fraser (Moderator)
Soooo... maybe we should not have the link up, since one is basically posting a link to the reasonable Daiku? I generally only post stuff that is not at risk of being bid on by people here.

Just a thought.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Done and done.

And thanks for clarifying, Dave. Like I said, I normally don't pay attention to stupidly over-priced auctions the same way you guys do. I think I'ma keep it that way from now on! ;)
haha, party poopers...

Now that's some strategy. Should I try that with my bin of TF energon and armada junk soon to be dumping on ebay? Oh, the hipe!
josh fraser (Moderator)
Nekrodave Wrote:
> I assumed that second Daiku auction was put there
> simply as a means to show more pictures? That guy
> has been selling/buying forever so I think he's on
> the level.
> On the other hand, I think we have a winner here.
> Good news for you guys with 10 loose jumbo
> Grendizers! $4000 for repro boxes!
> []
> nder-BOX-Shogun-Warriors-/250745027211?pt=LH_Defau
> ltDomain_0&hash=item3a61917a8b

Seems like the last laugh is on you Dave ;-) They sold.
josh fraser (Moderator)

wait... what?
Hah hah.....$650 for a repro box. Crack is wack, yo.

josh fraser (Moderator)
Yeah guy over at RJ sells them for like 85 bucks. Nice boxes for sure, but not 650.00 nice. ;-)

But at least shipping is free. Heh
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
This guy just decided to go with the 9X markup... Yeah. Won't be bidding on any of his shit any time soon..
I can only guess, that like a lot of US bidders may not use a translation site to help read YJP, and just bid based on price, date, and pictures, that there's got to be a bunch of foreign bidders who don't understand much Engrish, and don't translate the pages, so just bid away based on ebay listing pix, and the $$. They can read those parts.

Plenty of times early on I bid on stuff on YJP, before discovering stuff like Goggle Chrome, or whatevers browser you use that offers page translation. If I were after boxes, I'd be suspicious based on new looking-ness, but wouldn't have any for sure way to know if the description says it's a repro or not.
josh fraser (Moderator)
So, I guess logic dictates if you cant sell it the first time for 700, then cant sell it for 1000 then why not re list it at 3200.00

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