[Brog] Nakajima: Gangsta in da house & Creepy Eye Mode

Posted by chogoman 

Nearly weekend Brog.

[toyboxdx.com] & [toyboxdx.com]

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Killer toy and photo's Stephan!

I've longed after one of these for a while (along with Pegas and Blue Earth), but always shows up at the wrong times. Someday...
Hey Bill,
took me quiet a while till I got
this sucker. But this time the timing
and the price was perfect.
Only Nakajima toy I ever owned.

Mine was a bit of a beater and, checking the collection, I apparently sold it during one of my hungry phases.


Such an awesome toy,and great photos as ever. I love the creepy "eye" that pops up when you shift the head position for "flight mode." Come to think of it, can you post a picture of that?

I don't know how you find these things is such great boxes by the way...!
Robert...I gonna make a foto of the "creepy eye" today.
Cool feature by the way. I have to check out how to make a good picture,
without my fingers in the foto ;-)

"I don't know how you find these things is such great boxes"
...a combination of luck, perfect timing & the ebay "direct buy" button.
Here's the "creepy eye".

Love this toy. Some day I need to replace mine and the Pegas I have. They are both a little rough. This one looks clean. Thank you for posting.

This is one of my favoritest robots EVAR.

And it can't take a bad picture!
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