Most Painful Auctions You've Lost

Posted by tomf 
Like me, you CAN'T afford to lose anymore space 'Jeev. =0p Imma smack some sense into you next time at teh garage! Visitors NEED that bathroom to use when we come over to steal your stuff, so don't go hoggin' it.

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Sanjeev (Admin)

It's true...and seeing as how I'm now in the hunt for the 50-foot inflatable, I need all the space I can get!
i am most pissed when I know i can take down an auction but I can't because I promised someone that I would not buy anymore toys until I made a bunch of room.....
A decent sized lot the other day that had a bunch of interesting pieces loose in it. I know someone here had to have gotten it.
This was just in my cart and then someone swooped in as I pressed the pay button:
Anonymous User
The Grendizer Jumbo Spazer last saturday on Yahoo Japan!
1970si Wrote:
> The Grendizer Jumbo Spazer last saturday on Yahoo
> Japan!

What did it end at? You got a link?
Sanjeev (Admin)


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hoogah indeed
josh fraser (Moderator)
Sanjeev Wrote:
> Yep.
> 1.6M...hoogah...

Sorry I posted the screen shot, we need to stop posting direct links as discussed before. ;-)
Sanjeev (Admin)
Oopsie! My bust.
Just out of curiosity Josh, why no links?
ouch indeed, that was nice, didnt know about that version
Sanjeev (Admin)
moop Wrote:
> Just out of curiosity Josh, why no links?

Anonymous User
Sorry - I didn'tr realize I didn't put a link.

Ahhhh. It all makes sense now. Thanks for the info.
Not exactly "lost", but I found two items that I was looking for on Y! Auctions Japan, checked whether I could bid, and then waited until the last day to bid, only for the seller to remove both auctions while I slept. Considering the items are kinda rare and had a good price, I sat staring at my screen for about five minutes while going "bastard!" against the seller.

Bah :(
josh fraser (Moderator)
The one I am about to lose by the end of this week.
josh fraser (Moderator)
I have 24 minutes left in the holy grail auction of my life. An auction I did not even know about until yesterday. There are names on the bidder list that I cringe at because I know they will always be able to outbid me unless I go berzerker on them. My stomach is turning inside out and I have been up for the past 3 hours in anticipation. I know I am going to lose the auction, but I still have to make a go of it.

I hate this sickness sometimes.
josh fraser (Moderator)
I am officially priced out of my Grail from now on. Damn.
Closed auction link?
Bullmark Leo?
josh fraser (Moderator)
Bullmark Leo. ;-(
The battery operated version?
There's still hope! Keep up the good fight! Another one is bound to show up.
One thing I've learned. No matter how rare you think something is, another one will eventually show up. Wasn't this guy once the holy grail of Ultraman vinyls? I've seen at least 4 pass by the past year or so. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Changing subjects a little, anyone see those amazing Marusan vinyls that came through about a month or so ago? Amazing condition and definitely out of my price range. I believe one went for close to 2 million yen.

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