Most Painful Auctions You've Lost

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What are some of yours? Often, the thing you lost turns up again at a similar price. Other times it just eats at you that the competition was either too stiff or times were too tight on an auction that you had really hoped to win. And you just can't find the thing again.
Sanjeev (Admin)

The absolutely most painful lost auctions are the ones YOU FORGET TO SET THE ALARM CLOCK FOR!!.

I seriously almost broke down and cried last week--at work--when I discovered the closed auction page in forgotten browser tab. Ended, of course, at a lower price than the max bid I had in mind...

my most painful losses are always the ones where my dumb ass just gets side tracked and misses the end of the auction entirely. i don't find myself getting bummed on the ones i get outbid on as much.

though i was pretty bummed out when i lost that Jugarama Poseidon earlier this year but that final price was just ridiculous. luckily the seller had another that he listed the next week. then i lost that one as well only to have it resurface months later for 3 times the price. and now he has a freaking cape on.
Only one particular toy comes to mind, the store display Dougram which ended with one bid at the opening price of 50,000 yen. I had to let it go as I didn't feel at liberty to spend that at the time. Of course I've not seen one for sale since. This was at least 3 years ago, maybe more, and only the third one I'm aware of ever showing up anywhere.

Most everything else I've lost I've either found later, or they went for way too much money to the point where those items are out of my league...!
A bunch come to mind for me:

--Meka Machine Jeeg
--Wood Prototype Unifive Mazinger Z Jumbo
--Boxed Goro Goro
--Yonezawa Red Baron store display
My top 3

-Bullmark BIG Blazer
-Bullmark Meka Machine Zaboga
-Bullmark Rockbat 5 sofubi Set Carded

Loosing these auctions was no "not-enough-budget" thing,
only my own stupidness of waiting too long till I know.
"I need these toys"...BANG...Auction ended...
Sealed case of 3 Jumbo Grip G4's. One bidder took it for 50,000 yen. I got caught in a bidding war for something else and forgot about it. Thought it would have went way higher and didn't find out 'till after it was over. Still stings.
josh fraser (Moderator)
I try not to have regrets. If you hold onto them, they eat away and you lose focus. There will always be more toys.

Buuuut, I will say I regret sleeping through a Zenmai Zaboga for 20,000 yen last year.
While I am well aware that I've luckily had far more good luck than bad, there are definitely some things that just break my heart to think about. Here are 6 "honorable mentions" in both the regret and disappointment category before my most disappointing moment.


1) If I'd known then what I know now (that Groove5020 wasn't gonna bid, that it would end at "only" $15,000, that I could have easily borrowed the extra money I needed), I likely would have ended up with the Garada K7.

2) Why I didn't buy the wooden U5 Mazinger Z prototype I'll never be able to figure out. I had the money. Just didn't do it. It was fairly early on in my collecting though, back when I still naively thought that maxing out your credit cards over toys was a bad idea. Considering I ended up doing that later anyway, for much less unique things...well, I'm an idiot.

3) While I do really regret not being able to get the boxed Jugaraman jumbos, this one is a little easier to swallow knowing that I couldn't do it because I had just bought my Rokuron Q9.


1) The boxed King of the Jungle was something I wanted so bad but I just didn't have the money at the time. I know I'm supposed to be all selfless and say how happy I am a friend got it, blah blah blah, but.... nope, it still hurts to think about.

2) Losing out to another friend for the yellow body/red head Danguard Ace jumbo from HK. Knowing the disdain that Japanese collectors tend to feel for bootlegs, I thought I was a shoe-in to win it on Yahoo and considering all the other bootleg Danguard jumbos I have, I almost feel like I "deserved" that one.. lol

3) Speaking of Danguard Ace, I was outbid on another bootleg one and it sold for nearly $800. I couldn't believe it and was pretty disappointed. Luckily, I got over it when the buyer flaked, the toy was re-listed and I won it for under $100. :)

...and the "winner" is?

The Green Ghost C3 box that I lost not long after the Morphy's auction. I passed on everything at the auction and had over $2000 ready to drop on an empty box. Surely no one else would be so dumb, right? Well, I got blown outta the water. Now, I've lost a lot of auctions in my day, as I'm sure we all have. But usually, it's either something I don't care about too much or it's something where I just know going in that I don't have much chance. But this time I wanted it sooooo bad and was soooo sure it would be mine. When I lost? Forget disappointment, we're talking crippling depression here. Almost made me want to just throw in the towel and find another hobby...

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
My losses generally fall along a few categories:

1) Assumed it would go much higher - it didn't.
2) Assumed I'd remember to check back and get my high bid in - I didn't.
3) Searched day in and day out for months/years for an item, decided to take a day off, and that's the day an insanely low BIN appears - and disappears.

But the one that stings the most as if it were just yesterday:

Having two LONG TERM LIFELONG grails show up at the same time, by the same seller even, and only being able to afford one. I chose the one I felt was least likely to turn up again. It has of course turned up many times since (it never had before my purchase) while the other I've literally NEVER SEEN AGAIN. This is some 6-7 years hence. Ow! Still stings. I suspect that when I made my choice, I collapsed a quantum super-chogokin-position.
Here's two things that have helped me in these situations. You have no idea what the ceiling bid for the winner of any of these auctions was. I like to assume that even though I could have driven up the price (which apparently makes people feel better knowing the buyer didn't just walk away with something that nice), the first guy wanted it so bad he/she left no room for doubt and jacket it up from the get-go. In the case where I forgot to bid, and even though I lost out on the toy, a fellow collector still has a few bucks in their pocket to put toward something else. It's not that I'm THAT nice, but put all those ideas together,it's not a bad way to let go of the disappointment of those sitiations.

Secondly, for ALMOST everything I ever missed out on/lost in bidding, it's shown up again. If it hasn't yet, maybe this would be a good post to stray a thread into the Market to see if anyone has something out there and would take pity given the circumstances. Kind of a market "one that got away wish list".

for some reason yhj auctions end in the middle of the night in tokyo, so most of the time i am out getting drinks/partying whatever, rather than snipe at the end. It is upsetting when an auction for something i want conflicts with entertainment and I miss out on bidding. I have many disappointments that stem from this. I can'T stay home and bid on these auctions so yeah it is kinda sucky, but what ar you going to do?
One interesting aspect of all this is you forget how pissed off you were when you lost an auction if you wind up getting the thing later. I lost out on a Cosmos 2000 a while back and was furious that I didn't even know it was going on because I wasn't thorough enough in my auction searches. Wound up getting it later and just can only barely remember my original anger.
About a year ago a nice, complete DX Zambot 3 was up for sale loose. It was sort of "hidden" under the wrong name and I went SUPER cheap on it thinking I'd score a deal. I think it sold for like $300 and I put in like a $250 bid. Now, the likelyhood of getting any sort of DX Zambot at double that price would be a deal...
josh fraser (Moderator)
This topic touches on something else I have been thinking off and on about as my collecting evolves.
I think the thing that keeps me from getting angry, is that I realize I am at the mercy of a few things. Lack of money, lack of time and a general sense that as much as I love these things, they are in fact "things" and I need to prioritize that. If I allow myself to get upset enough over not winning then I realize I may be in too deep emotionally into something that despite the competitive aspect ( and I promise you I am a very competitive person by nature) of this hobby, it is in my best interest to have as close to a zen sense about how I collect as possible. Otherwise all these emotions are going to make me both jaded and annoyed at something that should be the escape from reality, not a replacement for it, and I might end up becoming one of those collectors that sucks the fun out of the room. Thats why I enjoy seeing my friends score stuff about as much as my own enjoyment of getting toys I want.

Take for an off topic example. I sold a Takemi Pegas back in 97' for like 300.00 bucks not knowing what its true value was. I found out later, years later that a good friend bought it from that seller for a very large sum. Now I could feel upset that the seller undersold me quite a bit, or upset that he really got top dollar for it from my friend. But I am not, because the reality is he was just doing his job. Then I could have a pang of regret in selling it, because it was and is a valuable toy. But seeing it and knowing it is in a collection of someone I care about is a good consolation. I know he will love and care for it.

For me, each toy comes to you when it is ready. Not to be a hippie douche about it, but there is something to be said for it. That way you never have an expectation that you deserve a toy. You are simply grateful when it comes to your collection. Win ,win.
I find that the auctions you lose where you miss out on a "deal" tend to not bother you as much as the ones where you just don't find the thing again. If you do find the thing again and win it, it feels that much better.

Also, things that you overpay for (especially early in the evolution of the hobby where it wasn't clear what things were worth) don't tend to bother you so much either.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Rarity certainly does play a major factor in it. I think there are a number o toys out there on our lists that we have not moved on because we know it will show up again.

Then add the factor of condition to the rarity factor. Not only is the toy rare and in mint condition, but as you say, it might never show up again with these factors combined.

I certainly have encountered that. Take my current no 1 on my grail list. Ultraman Leo Batt op tin.

Had the opportunity to get a great one at Morheys but my funds got depleted the day before and I had to focus on the pieces I went there specifically for. Also the tin went higher than it would otherwise because it was the last big ticket item in the auction, and I am sure those who lost other auctions looked at it as a swan song purchase.

I also missed out on the Normura No 1 Tetsujin tin. That went for 3 times what I thought it would due to the condition of the box alone.

Almost certain I doubt will find either of these toys in that condition for those prices. If I could do it over I would reconsider my choices in some regards.

But I never regret overpaying for a piece I really love in the condition I want it in. Your never going to sell it anyway, so focussing on the price is not really important for me.
Years ago, I used to obsess over lost auctions. But I soon learned that alot of stuff just comes around again. And again.

I remember losing a vintage Bullmark auction, and obsessing over it. Something I rarely ever saw in the secondary markets. Similar figure came up a week or two later. Won that auction and felt some redemption. Only to have yet a third Bullmark surface days later with a better paint condition and price.

Or I remember coming home early from a party to chase something on ebay. Couldn't get a wireless connection (I had been drifting off a neighbors unlocked wifi). Ended up running around the building and neighborhood (like a mental patient) with my laptop sniffing for unlocked wifi. Time ran out. Lost a deal. C'est La Vie.

I'm just happy (and feel lucky) with what I own these days. If I miss something, I just let it go as there's always something else to catch my interest. Meaning I don't collect a narrow category.

And if you're in it for the long haul, you have to believe toys will come around again (depending on what you collect and its rarity). I've seen this over and over for less uber-rare vintage and contemporary.
Tom mentioned a bootleg DX Grandizer/Gokaiser w/saucer hybrid thingy that he saw once...I would have really liked to win that auction, even though I have no idea what it looks like. I recently lost out on a 10" white skull that transforms into a robot, that was kind of heartbreaking as I've never seen one before.
Sanjeev (Admin)
liquidsky Wrote:
> ...Ended up running around the
> building and neighborhood (like a mental patient)
> with my laptop sniffing for unlocked wifi.

Hilarious! But at the same time, I can picture myself doing such a thing. Then I stop laughing.


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I dunno. Maybe I'm odd man out. It may sting for a day or 2, but I'm usually over it pretty quickly.

Mike Parisi Wrote:
> Tom mentioned a bootleg DX Grandizer/Gokaiser
> w/saucer hybrid thingy that he saw once...I would
> have really liked to win that auction, even though
> I have no idea what it looks like. I recently lost
> out on a 10" white skull that transforms into a
> robot, that was kind of heartbreaking as I've
> never seen one before.

I've GOT to see this Grandizer/Gokaiser KO - Tom? Por favor?

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I never lost an auction, NEVER.
I have my pride !

Now i remember i outbidden you people

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You guys ever have a bidder contact you after an auction that was supposedly missed by that person, with an offer to buy the item for a higher price?

Happened to me twice as a seller (both times I refused). Funny thing is it happened both times with the exact same vintage piece that I acquired and reacquired later. And both times, the bidder wrote a message along the lines of, "Man! I totally missed this. I would have totally paid more for it. Could you sell it to me?"

And I don't know if the bidder had intentionally not bid to avoid driving the price up so he could have it for lower, or something else. Just kind of irritating.

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I've never blatently asked a seller to sell it to me for higher. I had hinted once to a seller that was selling multiples of a certain toy line, that if he had another of a specific one, I'd be happy to pay $xxx for it, which was way more than the BIN that I missed. Was a rare one, so I knew he wouldn't have a second one.

I'm glad that he didn't take the bait, as I would have felt like shit cheesing a legit buyer who got a deal, just for my own selfishness.
josh fraser (Moderator)
I have sent messages asking to buy the toy outright before the auction ends. I did that with my V2 Kaman rider tin. I paid well above what he was expecting to get, by about 40%. We were both happy.

but it has to be a grail for me to do that.
I saw the Grandizer/Gokai Dragon thing twice. Once is was just an informational thing. Someone had a picture of it online. Then there was an auction for one maybe a year later. I want to say it was on a foreign version of Ebay. Maybe it was Korean. It looked like it was all plastic but molded from the Chogokin Grandizer and the Takatoku Gokai Dragon. I think it was talked about on this BB. I'd love to get that thing as well! I might have the images on another computer. I'll look tonight
>I've GOT to see this Grandizer/Gokaiser KO - Tom? Por favor?

Funny, I just re-visited a book the other day that Matt gave me all about "fake toys." That toy is in there. I'll scan a pic for you guys.
Thank you!

Grankaiser!! Grankai Dragon!! Except for the blue and black painted parts, it kind of looks like a model kit. Damn, that is so friggin cool.
Ho! So there it is....thanks Tom.
Here's a pic of the large Skull Robot I mentioned:
open | download - Picture 3.png (195.2 KB)
open | download - Picture 2.png (225.9 KB)
Book on "fake" toys? Oh would I love to see that!
Last night I experienced the lowest low and the highest high on the same auction. I thought someone else got an item with a BIN but it turned out to be my agent on my behalf. But shit, for a minute there I was so heartbroken. 10 minutes later I was literally jumping for joy.

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
To add to Tom's photo of the Grandizer / Gokai Dragon hybrid...

The book this page is from is just called "Inchiki Omocha" - "Fake Toys." Matt gave me a copy last year (?) so it's pretty recent.
I took a close up shot of the box as well.

The ISBN for the book - 978-4-7845-0992-8. There is some WACKY stuff in there...!

Gotta get that book now. Tanks for scanning Mr. D.
That book cover reminds me, I let the King of The King jumbo go that I saw a few years ago on ebay. Haven't seen any in a couple years now. Waaahhh!

This SunVulcan base ended today. Hope somebody in the family got it, cuz it's really cool.

Precisely one hour before it ended, some dope skidded into a pole(on a lovely clear sunny day) , and cut power/phone/cable to the whole neighborhood, and I had to go help a friend with a conked out water heater (what IS it with the stupid water heaters and me?) so of course, I get home and it went for way less than I woulda' tried for. Oh well, more secret bases will show up, but this one sure is cool with the mechanical dome and all.
Razza Frazza...
Ha! I was just crying to Bill that I lost that auction. Came in second. I just don't have the money to throw down at this time. If I did, I would have went at it hard. I can't believe how low it went for. I expected to be blown out of the water. I think it hurts more to lose a low priced one than see a high ending price and know I never had a chance. This sux.
The Sun Vulcan Base went to a buyer in Hong Kong.
Now i remember.

The bioman playset with biodragon, biorobo, biomen, gun, etc...

i wanted it sooo bad
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