Zanbot III DX highest price reached

Posted by Yann 

Can't believe it !
Yikes. Somebody just got their grail.
The only other I see is the Aussie with one for $6000. Buyer shoulda just got that one. Derr.
This IS a beautiful toy, but not $13,000 for mortals.
Bite my shinny metal ass

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Warren showed Alen and I that today at lunch. He watched the auction end.

Pretty serious coin.
I call B.S.
I call B.S.

Look for new auction "Deals" only 8 grand or so.
Yeeeaaaahhh....uh huh...

Went for full asking price off ebay.
MattAlt (Admin)
I'm not sure how representative this price really is -- if you look at the bid history, it looks like two crazed bidders went toe to toe at the very end. The highest bid beneath theirs is around 850,000 yen, which is still a pretty penny but nowhere near the final price.
So true Matt. Again, I will click my heels 3 times, squeeze my eyes shut, and refuse to consider this any kind of norm for teh market.

Last few years, seems $1200-$3500 has been more stable range for the few that show up in various conditions? Be interesting to see if a few lesser condition ones come out this year.
it is very easy for a price to get out of hand. Like Matt said, just takes two freaks to do it.

I know the feeling.
I hate people who do that.

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Yeah, but you'll get the next one for $6!
Well, there goes my chance to get a Zambot. Looks like his neighborhood got pretty expensive.
MattAlt (Admin)
I really think this says more about what freaks are willing to pay for a totally MIB specimen of any given toy than it does about the average price of an average Zanbot. They are fairly easy to find, especially loose, but this is the first "dead stock" one I have ever seen.

Something that is dead mint/complete will always command a super premium over something that isn't, but people go absolutely crazy over condition here.
Incredible auction .....

I'm seriously weighing sell my art box ........

I saw your auction on Ebay. For the money you are asking, I would as a seller think about giving more photos of the celophane cover off the box, so people can see the toy.

I don't think anyone will consider buying it without more photos.

The auction on Yahoo Japan had 3 clear photos.

Also because the floor you are photographing it on looks the same color as the one on Yahoo Japan, people if they do not look closely are going to think the auction is copied from the other one. Try to show the photos as being different.

I know you have a tiled floor, and the other is a wood floor, but from the photo it is the same color and shot/cropped the same way. You are not doing yourself any favors by shooting it the same way.

Good luck
...Josh is right.
If you want to find a potential buyer for such a expensive toy,
some more fotos would be helpful. Not only some sharp detail shots of the
toy, also from the box (back, top, etc).

A good description is important, but clear pictures sell the toy.

I wish you luck man!
Hi guys,

Yes more images will be available,Yesterday I had a short time.

Anyway I can be interested to trade it for a very beautiful Daiku Maryu dx

Josh ^_^

Hi Fabio,

Haha. I think I love my Daiku too much to do that. Plus The Zanbot is worth more than a Daiku now, so sell this and buy one and have money left over. ;-)
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