[BROG] Kemler's Dirty Secret

Posted by MattAlt 
MattAlt (Admin)

Kemler owners, speak up or forever hold your peace...
This is my true grail. Congratulations sir!

Ha! Sounds like Kemler is a crappily made toy! Go ahead and send your unwanted crappy Kemlers to me!

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MattAlt (Admin)
Congratulations sir!

Thank you, and thanks for the tour the other day! Seeing the pic of Kemler on your wall whetted my appetite, I guess... :)
Great Brog, great toy!
you rang?

Mine may be sans stripes but the back launcher has worked like a charm since day one.

Despite the fact that I worked for five years at a new age book store, I cannot tell you whether it was always thus or some prior owner took the trouble to put it into working order.

I'd take it apart to find out but who am I to look a gift Kemler in the mouth?

MattAlt (Admin)
The big question is, how is the back plate attached? Is it pinned down, screwed in, glued down, etc.?

And does it SCREAM when you open its mouth?
> And does it SCREAM when you open its mouth?

No, the scream you heard was mine when, discovering that the plate was just kinda wedged in there, in the struggle to return it to its original, functioning position, one of the thing's eyes fell out.

MattAlt (Admin)
Ah heh heh... Sorry pal!!! Looks like I opened a can of worms with this one.
No worries, my two are the same.Although one is missing the lever from it's travels through life. At least the wings aren't broken.
Beautiful toy regardless.
Unfortunately I can't get them to mate.:(

MattAlt (Admin)
These really do cry out to be displayed in a terrarium rather than on a shelf.
cae is back on the board ??!! welcome back. now wheres my calender bitch.
Great toy! Congrats.

cae Wrote:

> Mine may be sans stripes but the back launcher has
> worked like a charm since day one.

Unless someone has pics to convince me otherwise, I believe the purple wing version never came with wing stickers. Always see them on the orange one, but never the purple.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Matt, you should get this Kemler to keep yours happy. Better chances of breeding, y'know?
MattAlt (Admin)
That's great! Hell, all of US Toys' stuff is great! They made these translucent Baltans, too.
Cool !!!
I gonna reanimate this topic today!

Got finally my Kemler "fresh" from japan yesterday!
Yeah...I'm super happy. Love this toy!

Had to repair it first. Red lever and "spring mechanism" had been lying loose in
Kemler's body. First I had no clue how I could put the pieces together,
but after a few beers I had a flash of genius ;-)

"The big question is, how is the back plate attached? Is it pinned down, screwed in, glued down, etc.?"

The plate was loose. No srews, nothing.

"And does it SCREAM when you open its mouth?"

Yes! I heard a sream...but that was me I guess...because I was so excited.

...and now ladies and gentleman. Grand premiere!
Maybe the first time in chogokin history...well I bet THE first time in history,
that someone filmed a working Marushin Kemler disk launcher !!!

My filming skills are aren't the best and I put this little movie on my iPad together. Quick'n'dirty.
So please forgive me...pretty shaky camera...enjoy!


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Kemler makes trouble

Got a mail from youtube. they didn't like my music...so I had to change the soundtrack. Now I'm on the safe side with good old Ludwig van.
mcfitch (Admin)
What music did you have that warranted changing?

Matthewalt "I actually kinda LIKE that approach! You know: let's make a TOY. Remember those? Products designed to be played with without breaking? DO YOU REMEMBER, LOVE?!"
Track by "Molasses"...but whatever...Ludwig van Beethoven
is just right for this epic Kemler gunfight ;-)

"Return of the Kemler BROG"


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Awesome sauce. Such a cool toy and great pics (as usual).
I wanna see the disc launch in slow motion!
Thanks...and YES, Kemler is epic!

I also had the idea of a "slow-mo-shootout"...but my hardware
wasn't able to do it...my next cam will have a high-speed-fps-mode. I promise!
Amazing sir, great pics and fantastic info.... someday I'll add this guy to my lineup....someday...someday....
Thanks Jason...and your day will come!
I needed many years (lots of lost auctions) till I got the chance to get my Kemler.
It was rather unspectacular how I got him...I was the only bidder on Y!JP auction.
Till today I don't understand why.
Normally you have epic bid battles with oku***, aya*** etc.
Aww, well somebody when you get the hardware for it, slow mo that shit!

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