Totally RANDOM..

Posted by Erik Sjoen 
MattAlt (Admin)
Yeah, it's why I pretty much stopped buying stuff, even cool stuff, just because it's cheap.
Fresh out of german customs...only had to pay $35 taxes
cause the whole stuff was only worth 200 bucks. ;-)

new Brog material!
Anonymous User
"Produced" image of a new piece in my collection. I'm throwing this here in RANDOM, 'cause I can't find a better thread for it!

Beautiful, Ray.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Ah I'm getting some name drops from Sanjeev and he doesn't remember that all of the takora Bullmarks were present and accounted for heh.

Mark that's a great photo, you actually sent me a photo of all of them a while back when I was asking questions a year or two ago. I found a couple here and there, and then managed to get a complete set on YJA a few months back for a fairly decent price.
Monro (the walrus) is my favorite, probably because she was the toughest to track down!
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
RIP GB-24...

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MattAlt (Admin)
What is it about the GB-24!? It's a work of art, but it almost looks BETTER all busted up!
is that the GB-24 from the last page of Super #1 Robot?
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Jason, every beat down GB-24 is the GB-24 in Super #1.. ;) There are enough of them out there that's for sure. Totally loved.

Moving some things around this afternoon and the sun poked its head in.....

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While shooting some pics for my "Macrobrog",
suddenly the sun cames through the window and
made this bizarre background.

Better than a photoshop filter ;-)

...and...sun!! We have the first few warm & sunny days
here in germany, after this fucking cold winter.
Anonymous User
Looks just like a vintage catalog pic! Beautiful!
Great timing today!
Weather will be shitty this weekend and
my big toy parcel from Japan just arrived.

Yay. A big box of bubble wrap.

josh fraser (Moderator)
Erik Sjoen Wrote:
> RIP GB-24...
> []

I love how Morrissey looks so disinterested and yet...distraught
"I love how Morrissey looks so disinterested and yet...distraught"

I thought that was just his normal look....

Yep, bubble wrap massacre!

Found lots of old vinyl and a bit zinc in the bubble wrap ;-)

josh fraser (Moderator)
Thats a great score Erik,... er I mean Stephan. ;-)
Thanks Josh ;-)

...really stressful, always need new material for Brogs...

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Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Yeah JC10 I think you're confused..

Anyway Stephan, that looks like some mean Brog material. ESPECIALLY that Zabooger Stronger... Holding my breath.

Why does he have all of Erik's sofubi?


Akumaizer rocks!

another unloved little robot from Bandai/popy ca 1984.

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Awesome... I had the Tomcat and the Eagle, but never found a Harrier. Those Scramble Egg fighters are sweet.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.

>Posted by: azazele (
Date: May 05, 2010 11:53AM

Wow! I love seeing this stuff all stacked up in a random pile.

What are those three toys under the Nakajima Blue Earth, and between the Boss Palder and the iphone box?
That toys are the three Zanbot Bases (Bilaal I II III) made Seven ( and Orion with a different box)
>That toys are the three Zanbot Bases (Bilaal I II III) made Seven ( and Orion with a different box)

Ah I see - Thanks!

Do you have a box for that Gakken TREAD toy by the way?
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Dude!! More pics of the pla Baldios! I soooo need that.
That Baldios was made for italian market in full Die Cast!

The Japan version is all made by Plastic ^_^

UNfortunately....the Tread by Lansay is loose.. never found the French holy grail..

Anyway.. a found what nobody thought it may exist (Grendizer drill component made by Fabianplastica) so it is only matter of time..
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
The Baldios is all plastic right? The legs look diecast. This is the Nomura repackaged isn't it?
Also the body is die cast made.
It is very heavy.

They used the Nomura mold to make a mid size die cast robot.

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Lobots in vinyl - I love it. I particularly like the vinyl Daltanias lion (the name eludes me).

Get that Granfighter gashapon out of there though! It's spoiling the all-vintage look! ; )
Sanjeev (Admin)
Glorious, Chris!

I agree...gotta put that lil Granfighter on a different shelf...fucking with the mojo!

Anyway, who are those orange bird-head dudes in back (top, left)? And who's lurking behind Pegas' left shoulder?

That Velarios is pretty killer--I love how it's got blocky right-angle proportions like a gokin, even though it's vinyl. Still, I prefer the mini Daltanias, himself. The Groizers are hot--I have Groizer X, but I still need the Robo. Envy!

The Voltes and the Daidenjin are great, too...again, chogo-like proportions=awesome.
ha! guys and your vinyl purity!

The orange headed guys are a Bandai Ultrakaiju called Vakishim-the other half of that shelf is Ultraman robo/kaiju type things.

the two robots behind Pegas are from a show called Ganbaron-

the red/silver robot is called Daibaron and the other one is one of the bad guys I think..

I gotta say, I love these little things even more then the diecast. The vinyl smell gives it a whole other dimension...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Ah! Y'know, I think I remember Vakishim now. I think X Plus did one of their big hyper-realistic (and hyper-priced!) figures of him in the last year or so. I remember seeing the news about it on CDX...

Anyway, I know Daibaron, but I didn't realize the hidden guy was a villain from the show. Very cool.

Gotta love vintage robot vinyl. Unlike chogokin, you can actually find toys of the bad guys!

Sanjeev (Admin)
Wow...French packaging for the Chokinzoku?? I don't think I've ever seen that before! Wild, Yann!
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