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Posted by Erik Sjoen 
Erik Sjoen (Admin)


Brace yourself for the coolest write up in the history of this website..

Holy crap, Mike!! That is unbelievable!! And so minty fresh looking. Unbelievable work.
Very interesting brog Mike.
It's fascinating what you could create today with
the technique of 3D modeling, Stereolythography,
lots of talent and patience.
Your Rokuron looks fantastic, very nice job!
Holy shit, what a first brog! Awesome work - it looks great.

Thanks for posting this Mike.

I would like to see what original designs you could come up with.

Great write-up, and nice work there.

That. Is. AM-AZ-ING. Giant super props for making that! Definitely love to see what original stuff you'd have in mind. As for the buying your stuff part of the brog. Gimme like 2 years to save $1000+ to afford one and fuck yeah I'd totally buy an original toy from you.
Fantastic work! I'm impressed with how clean the rapid proto parts came out... definitely worth the money and effort. The paint work is also flawless, and worth mentioning in its own right.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Amazing looking!

Somehow I'm not clear where the 3D rendering came from though -- It's NOT a 3D "scan" of an original, correct?
Fantastic, Mike!

Glad to see all your hard work paid off with a fantastic addition to your already jaw dropping display. You really knocked it outta the park.

One thing that wasn't mentioned in the brog, though, is that this is a static display piece and not articulated.

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MattAlt (Admin)
It's so clean and fresh looking -- amazing stuff! Great job -- I hope you use the data to make other kikaiju!
Hello everybody and thanks a lot for your kind words. To answer a few questions: I've a lot of ideas poping in my heads for future stuff. Like I was saying, maybe some Vilains that where never produce and translate them into the old Machinder Vilains design we all love. But I'm afraid of copyrights problems. I need to investigate on this first. The other idea is to design brand new Kikaiju based on the same inspirations the Go Nagai used: Old greek mythology, Yokai, insects and all those things. I've already a few ideas but need some developpement first.

No it's not a 3D scan from an original. The 3D model was done in Maya, a software used a lot for cg special effects and character animation. It's my main tool at work.

I know that the prices I've mention in the brog are high but it's for a small production run of 25 pieces. Of course if the price is going down, there'll be more people interested in this. But for the moment I'm not a toy designer and I'm only doing this as a hobby, so managing bigger production would be something completely different and would need a lot of money in advance. And honnestly keeping it like a small production, I quite like that idea for the moment.

But this is just ideas that are flying in my head for the moment and this will need a lot of free time.

Anyway. Thanks a lot for all your comments.
Great result for your efforts! It's fun to see the most modern technology used to get the desired, simple, old school styled toy
Yep that's true I've think a lot to that when I was doing it and at one point I was thinking of giving a title to the brog like: today's technology for yesterday pleasure. What's exciting is that you can manage to do that today, but in a near future it might become more affordable and even more easy, and open a lot of perspectives.
Dude, that's freaking sweet, awesome, and amazing work dude, all the colors are just spot on, the details are all present and crisp. It's gotta be sweet as hell to have yourself a nice minty right off the factory floor Q9... Personally I'd love to see a vintage styled jumbo of the Combination Kikaiju From Mazinkaiser (mix of garada dabulas and a couple others) I think Tom even made up some sketches and design plans waayy back when...
it's all been said - so let me just say I agree. Firmly jealous and thrilled at the same time. Great work.

WOW. Incredible.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Mike, if we joined forces, we'd be unstoppable! Your Maya skills and my Pro/E and CATIA powers...united! ;)

Wonderfully done, sir. As for a pricepoint of 850 Euros for something like this, I think that's fair given the value of the actual toy.

I definitely like the idea of doing other villains (official ones that were never made into toys, as well as ones you all-new ones you make up on your own). I wonder what people would prefer overall, though: replicas of stupidly-rare pieces like Rokuron or Tom's Garada...or all-new designs.

I can obviously see the appeal of replicas because of the mystique surrounding the original pieces. But as a creative person, it might be more interesting to do original characters (or original designs of existing licensed characters).

Like, I'd kill for one of Tom's Garada replicas, but in the grand scheme of things, I might actually prefer a King Gori from Grendizer done up in this style, y'know?


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Erik Sjoen (Admin)
"Wonderfully done, sir. As for a pricepoint of 850 Euros for something like this, I think that's fair given the value of the actual toy. "

Yeah $2K at the end of the day vs. $10K... Do the math.
its so flawless its scary . taking it with you on vacation shows the dedication you had to this figure and it comes through in the finished project .
Sanjeev (Admin)
Guys, now you can follow Mike's custom toy exploits!
Thanks a lot for posting this Sanjeev but it was a tiny bit too early. I've done that yesterday evening and for the moment there's just one post I've done to check a bit how it works.
I've decided to move all my personal work there instead of the famous social network we all know. I prefer it like that, it's more personnal I think.
So a lot more to come pretty soon, some of you might know already a few stuff that are going to be there, some don't, so don't hesitate to take a look sometimes.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hey, gotta start somewhere!
Fuck me. Two posts in and I'm hooked! Looking forward to seeing what you cook up next!

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
New stuff on the blog but I don't know if it's the right place to post this. Well anyway, don't hesitate to check it. Enjoy.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Mike, I think this is a fine place to post notifications about your blog.

And HOLY CRAP...that Fett animation is insane!! I can only hope the actual toy that gets made is 1/4 as cool as what you've come up with!
How much for a Mach Baron car? I have a bootleg protectobot shoved in his foot right now- it's ok from far but far from ok.

Hello Christ. Thanks a lot for your request. I think the price will be around 90$ for a car. But I'm not taking any order right now. I'll cast a few before so I'm sure that they all look great before selling any.

I'll do a post in THE MARKET once I'm ready and do a notification here.

Thanks a lot.

A cool idea, maybe for real in a near future.
Beautiful! And you lit that model perfectly, I would have guessed it was real.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Ha! It looks SO good, Mike! I love it!

But yeah, to make such a thing real, you'd have to get creative with making it light enough not to tip over the toy...especially with wheels on the bottom not helping to stabilize the robot. Perhaps connecting via some kind of belt with a heavy counterweight in the front..?
Looks good.. but honestly, a little too good! I think it would look a little more.. machinder-y.. if you lost some of the detail. Particularly the hollowed out area in the gray for the wings. I would also remove the white from the front nose and the wings so that they look like one solid piece molded all in red plastic. I would probably also lose the black on the back fin and replace it with a big sticker that says "Double Spazer" in katakana!

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Dave you are totaly right about it beeing too perfect. I've done a little update and make the texture look more like stickers or big red plastic pieces.
Just receive those right now and wanted to give you a little preview.

So if you don't have enough room for real Jumbo Machinder, well you can collect the Medium Machinder or even the Tiny Machinder ;))
open | download - Q9Familly.jpg (125.9 KB)
mikenozon Wrote:
> So if you don't have enough room for real Jumbo
> Machinder, well you can collect the Medium
> Machinder or even the Tiny Machinder ;))

That sounds like an excellent idea. Standard sized, please.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
I heard that finding a factory to produce them as blow molded crap, to make Dave happy, is very difficult these days. ;0p

Seriously, cool project Mike!
Subjecting them to Sanjeev's diecast process would be something I'd buy into also.
But I guess making a mold, and resin-ing up a few is the way to go?

Looks like you're really having fun with all this.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Future collaboration...??? ;)

Mike, those came out great!

I owe you an e-mail...
I would buy a whole lineup of mini repro machinder villains. Just sayin.


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Hello everybody.

There's a little funny stuff on my blog. I wanted to do somthing like that since a long time. It's just quickly made but I think you might enjoy it.

Holy crap...Well done!
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