[BROG] The nose makes the price

Posted by chogoman 
All-time classic, Nakajima Pegas.


Bang Bang...his cannon-fists are too cool.
Great toy (and pics of course). Thanks. This is on my most wanted list, along with Blue Earth, but prices for good examples have been keeping me away right now.
I bought my Pegas not too long ago from Italy, cause I
can't wait longer having one.
He's a great toy and worth every cent, especially his nose. ;-)
Ganira is on top of my "Nakajima list". But didn't find one yet and
I think he's gonna be more expensive than Pegas.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Stephan, your pics are amazing!! On a scale from one to ten your content is an eleven! I'm sure all the other geeks around here feel the same.

This image in particular is really striking:

Thanks Erik!
I do my best. But I must
say that all these robots
are fantastic fotomodels,
so I don't have to do
very much.
makes me wonder what your photo take on the Takemi brick 'o' Pegas would look like *drool*
Hey Jerilock, I would love to make some fotos of the Takemi Pegas.
Please buy me one ;-)
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