[BROG] Chogokins invade Germany

Posted by chogoman 
Some japanese toys in german box "design".


Ark made it better.
They made european versions of their toys.
In german, belgian (french/dutch), etc boxes.
I think the basis design is the same as the US boxes.

Here are some Captain Future toys in german "Popinca" boxes

and finally the german version of a Bandai Mekarobo Blue Fighter

ANDY GALAXO - The Space Tramp ....oh my god, what a name! ;-)

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I love the names! "Mobiler Stutzpunkt" and "Kommandowagen Capter" are my favorites - They sound more like WWII vehicles than toys! "Weltraumroboter" is also nice. Can you translate this one for us? Even since I ran across this German-language Ark box I was wondering what "Weltraum" meant...!
Weltraum = Space
So the ARK's called Spacerobots in germany.

The names and descriptions really sound like german
WWII Wehrmacht Fahrzeuge ;-)

PA-67 Duke Pit = Scooter with Driver (not very sexy)
PA-90 Machine Yamato = Racecar with rocketlaunchers
PA-76 Blue Star = Blue Star (wow, this name is right)
PA-63 Space Development Research Base = Mobile Rocketbase
PA-95 Captor Car = Commandocar Captor (sounds like the name of Rommels K├╝belwagen)
GA-54 Combattler V = Robot with all gadgets
PA-74 Varidorin = Mach 2 vertical take off plane
PA-65 Kage Roller = Kagero-Car (!!! wow, sounds japanese)
PA-83 Connection Base = Mobile Base (we germans like "mobile". Blitzkrieg you know ;-)
PA-69 Grand Car = Rocket Grand Car (...nearly)

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Awesome - Thanks for the translations! They're certainly more mundane sounding in English.. ("Robot With all Gadgets", etc.).... ; )
I think (I'm sure) the distributor had no clue of these
japanese toys: Lets sell that shit here in germany and
give these robot stuff "martial" names.
Put some stickers on the boxes and thats it ;-)

You dont find these Popy boxes ofen in germany these days.
Sometimes, a piece pop up on ebay.
I bought all that stuff long time ago for minimal money.
When I bought it I didnt really know what I got there.
But at this time I began collecting Shogun Warriors
and this colorful Popy stuff looked "shogun'esque".
Now I could be happy that I bought them.
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