[BROG] X-Mas 1995

Posted by chogoman 
I have to practice BROGin'
Just a little robot-anecdote from germany. ;-)

Erik Sjoen (Admin)
This is beyond cool. Can I commission one??
And why wasn't this posted earlier in the ZOMG Art thread? Hmmmm! If you have more then share! Very awesome painting btw.
What a great job Stephan! Yes, if there are any others I'd love to see them. Thanks for sharing.
would love to see that hanging on my wall .
I remember that it was lot of work to paint
the Boss Palder picture, even that it is "only"
a enlarged version of the Box artwork.
But it 100% handmade, full analog ;-)

I painted much that time, cause I had lots of free time (went to college).
But its the only "super-robot-picture" I made.
Today, cause of my job, I've not the time for big
paintings, unfortunately.

Today I make lots of foto-composings, illustrations etc.

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dude, it's ROM!
uups.....sry, he's not japanese ;-)
What a groovy painting, chogoman! Sweet!
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