1/32 Aura Battler gokin

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This just was at auction (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=180200526241&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=008). There's no pic in the datafiles for it, so I thought this might interest some. I guess this was the inspiration for those colorful KOs I've seen around.

Just curious - why didn't they make the Dunbine in this scale?
I always figured that they didn't bother with Dunbine because Billbine sort of replaced him in the cartoon, and Clover was more interested in getting a piece of the emerging transforming robot market.
Ahh, I didn't know that Dunbine was replaced by Billbine. I haven't gotten that far into the series. I always assumed it was used by one of the bad guys.

According to this page ( [toyboxdx.com] ) that I believe you wrote, this toy was actually made by Tomy. Also, its stated that the Aura Battler toys were the last toys Clover made, so assuming that the toys were released as the show was airing, if the main robot changed during the series, this would explain why Clover never made a Billbine ( [toyboxdx.com] ), but Tomy, who presumably got hold of the molds after Clover folded, released a newly designed Billbine. Whatcha think? Sound reasonable / possible?
Sounds good to me.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
I pretty much own any worthwile toy Tomy made back in the day (super/real robot wise) and can tell you that this toy seems nothing like Tomy would have ever made. I've always thought that this was a similar situation to TT/Bandai when TT folded. I bet that Clover designed/produced the toy and Tomy got the toys/molds and put them out when Clover went under. The 1/46 Billbine mystery lead me to believe this.

"this would explain why Clover never made a Billbine"

Clover "kinda" made a Billbine... I actually have a couple of these as they came in two different colors (White=Clover/Unmarked & Grey=Tomy) and I can verify that although there is a smudge in the die where the company info should be cast (it does say made in japan though), there is a Clover logo. All the white ones come with instructions in English which leads me to believe these were all made for export. Obviously the grey version has the Tomy license and comes with instructions in Japanese. Notice the ST logo is missing on the bottom right corner of the white box? Only toys sold in Japan require the safety testing stamp of approval right?

The box is CLEARLY a Clover box.

The toy that is pictured on the back of the box that has a different color scheme than the one pictured above is the Tomy. I have that one as well and it's,as you would imagine, much nicer than the stark white one. As you anime guys would say, more anime acurate.


I'm sure we'll never really know, but I would wager a lot that the DX 1/32 Billbine, much like the 1/46 toys are Clover descendents.

Oh yeah, from what I understand much like SankanOH took the place of GyakutenOH in Ippatsuman, Billbine took the Dunbine's place in Aura Battler Dunbine.

OK I'm done.
The main character, Sho Zama, started piloting the Billbine about half-way through the series. If my memory is correct, the Dunbine wasn't destroyed in battle. I believe another character started piloting it.
Anonymous User
Anybody have this "Tomy" 1/32 Billbine?

I myself would have guessed clover, if not for it being listed as Tomy in the datafiles, and the discussion in this thread.

I have this, its very similar in style and execution to Takatoku's orguss toys (which I also have). It's big and reasonably fun, with a springloaded cockpit gimmick that moves the pilot figure up or down depending on the mode it is in. Don't expect much from the transformation though. Pretty basic.
Also, the only diecast is the feet. Which is just fine for a toy like this.
Anonymous User
Probably also designed by Mastsushiro. If so, that would explain the similarity to the Orguss toys.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
My long lost brother Mark is right. The transformation is pretty rude but the toys is ill. That cockpit gimmick is fantastic!! I don't own this but I've held it a couple of times. It's pretty well done.

As far as the Matsuhiro thing is concerned I couldn't even venture a guess. I would have to turn that question over to our resident scholar Mr. Robert Duban....

The whole Matsuhiro thing is a mystery to me. Anyone care to shed some light?
Bumping this.

Having just received one of these (sans cockpit canopy and weapons), it is indeed very Takatoku-like, but also very much like Tomy's later transforming toys. Just like Tomy's offerings from Lightning Express Hikarian and the Eldoran series, it is chunky, indestructible, simple, yet full of clickety goodness, great details, and a working transformation.

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