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leMel42 Wrote:
> Was it packaged as in jet or in robot mode?<

I'm sorry, but unfortunately I really don't remember. I do recall that it had a bizarre eagle-like 'helmet' mod that was attached to the back by the neck so you could swing it over the Valk head (not very well) or have it perched on top of the thing in fighter mode. I removed it, and it wasn't with it when I took the picture for the auction.

Kind of sorry I let it go. After that, I got back into collecting Macross valk knockoffs, like the endless army of little TT variable knockoffs, and those cheap plastic knockoffs of the Hi-Metal VF-1S.
Not even I would stoop so low....
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Mike Parisi Wrote:
> Not even I would stoop so low....

MattAlt Wrote:

> And Zor, your fugly Macross ain't got nothin' on
> MY fugly Macross:

Hah! Cookie dough SDF-1 has nothing on Robotech Para Diver! (He might be made of bubble gum)


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Another marvel from the famed Sun AI Toys company, 1985.
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Oh, SHIT! I am TOTALLY going to glue a giant spaceship to the hood of my Kia now.......
you know, I still haven't managed to get to the local Flea Market this year (where I always saw Bootlegs Galore...) and I really miss those Egg Rolls they have... <.<


Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, For You are Crunchy and Taste Good with Ketchup!
Not sure if its considered fugly or just plain wacky...

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I reconize three out of the four black guns in that box that belonged to G1 Transformers.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Dude, I used to have one of these too!

Here is mine:


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Fuglified D-17 man.
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Not super fugly, but sorta' fugly.

x1. Italian plastic, mucho-gimmicks
x2. Italian gokin, lots-o-metal
x3. Yes this Golion is interchangeable with all the other chest-pincer bat-opp bots out there. It sucks yet rules.

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These just came up on ebay from Argentina:


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One word: Penile.
Looks like they're made of wax. You'd almost expect to see a wick out of the top.

Fuck, I want that now. Candles in the shape of robots.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
...do I love this thing so much???
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i love ugly toys/bootlegs. i mainly collect those bastard-transformer fakes but have begun to branch off onto old diecast, chogokin, dx, robot fakes.

2 ft.+ "Jumbo machinder" polyethylene starscream: ugly stickers, you can see wood texture and putty from the original sculpt in the cast:

Ugly giant transformers piranacon with two DINOSAURS for feet. these were remolded to actually attach on with pegs..crazy dekatora-truck style stomach guard:

Mark/select robat with a batman head. transforms into a bat:

Dairugger xv, golion, and tf omega supreme mix:

Scaled down black-faced all plastic golion:

...A wack Fugbot from Argentina.

JJ- That GoLion/Dairugger/OS thing is like the grand-poobah of Fuglyville.
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I' d been watching that bot from Argentina and just now won it. It's kind of like a Junior Machinder Horde Trooper in my eyes so I figured I should get it.

I got something else on my watch list that'd blow your mind. Craziest thing I ever saw....

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Don't be stingy with the love! (after you win it of course) :)
I think I spotted it. Is it mostly red and black? Craptastico!
70% Spiderman
30% Gundam
100% Fugly
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post up nekro-d!

lol, mike that spiderman is one of the greatest fakes i've ever seen
Well, I ended up passing and unfortunately, it looks like this beauty is going to a stranger...

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
I blew it and bid too low. I can't believe somebody else wanted this thing.
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Anonymous User

Go-shutttles? King of flight risks!
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omg! that voltron pinball-monster is one of the coolest things i've ever seen
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
"omg! that voltron pinball-monster is one of the coolest things i've ever seen"

not so much.

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Erik Sjoen (Admin)

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You will EAT those (original) words Sjoen. In about 20 or 30 years. Maybe 40. You just wait.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Whisky filled bile... The sad thing is, you're so damn right......
Don't eff with Pachitron...or is it Pachingolion?


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Park's Aliens Zoder, "designed" in New Jersey & made in HK.
Actually, not super fugly just a weird example of an American company ripping off Japanese design.
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Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Mike, I cant believe you're so into this stuff. Seriously, I'm still finding Japanese shit that isn't recorded. Fucked up thing is, I bet you're shit is harder to find then mine.... Werd.
Make no mistake, I'll always be in total awe of the real deal. Vintage Japanese toys are IMO the coolest, most interesting and most creative objects ever made. Watching the evolution of these crazy things from inconsequential children's toys to what has now become a pop culture industry has been truly fascinating. But the insane supply/demand and dearth of uncovered history has made the hunt less interesting to me. The thrill I got out of collecting as kid was discovering new, amazing stuff. These days, it's very difficult to get that. Hunting down this less than desirable junk simply gives me the same buzz as when I was hunting down those less than desirable J-Toys 30+ years ago.

I think this fugly stuff has real historical value as well, as a complement to the J-Toy's amazing success and influence. Especially the vintage fugliness....

But yeah, there is still some uncharted J-Toy territory and we are lucky to have people like yourself keeping a vigilant lookout.
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