Fugly Challenge

Posted by Mike Parisi 
Sweet! I love that it comes with the little brother guy who wears the teapot on his head.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]

the teapot head dude is a charecter from the show, looking forward to the optimus head rework.

nice piece mike! AP must have hooked you up with that one back in the day, all that taekwon stuff skyrocketed after all the recent new stuff they are doing.

i moved locations and 80% of my stuff is still in another state. i'll dig around for some fugly around my apartment though, hahaha. let's see some more super obscure stuff!
Yup, Alex is the man. I blame him for giving me the K-bug ;)
Oh, I know it's a character from the Taekwon V movies. I'm saying it's rad that they included him even though he's not the pilot or anything, he's just the annoying kid brother sidekick.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
here is some of my prize fugly since i moved.

the soundwave with mouth, wtf.

the pastel rainbow color battle buffalo i've been wanting since i saw it on diaclone.net ages ago. finally tracked one down and it has all the diecast as the original and is pretty high quality.

the last piece was my grail fugly. i've been holding onto a one-armed super broken one for years until i finally got a boxed one. i've been searching for this one for 10 years!

OK, I gotta get that Fuglycopter, even if it only has one arm. You selling/trading?
Fuganda Robos

Another crazy-huge box set.

These pop up from time to time are are awesome, inexpensive and big! Like 15" tall.

The complete guide to fake toys? No sir, it will never be complete.

Bite me Captain Planet, I am the Evironmental Warrior!

Extremely Rare and Valueless

Recent ebay score...been looking for this one :)

That is some gorgeous Fugly!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Mike, I love you man: only you can say, "been looking for this one", and then show us a picture of a catastrophe! :P
Oh you just wait, 30 years from now this toy will be at the top of your list ;)
Sanjeev (Admin)

Heh...you're inferring that "catastrophe" is a bad thing!

Ahhh...the Bat Visitor. Nice. And those Magic Robos are so cool. The bootlegs are even better because they're almost a foot tall and excellent quality.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Oh man...that Grendizer-ish thing is delightful!
Tomland Raiders

i was fortunate enough to see Billy Galaxy's collection on my last trip to portland, and i have really enjoyed seeing his Tomland collection along with a stunning amount of 80s toy insanity. Thanks for the great pic Mike. BTW, i picked up the magic robo at his store.
Yeah I was there a couple years ago...really great collection of obscure stuff. One of the best.

You went to Portland and didnt even look me up? You slay me utterly.
...won't make that mistake again Jim, I promise.
some Suckadelic madness:

All I can say is this thing is so fucked.

@ Matt Alt: It struck me that I could have stuck this in the clear thread, but I would never do that to ya' buddy ;)
Mike Parisi Wrote:
> some Suckadelic madness:
Those totally suck...

In a good way. At least he found a use for Action Master Starscream.

I want YOU for MoƩ Sucks Army
Unimaginable horrors/descent into madness...........


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group order time
I'm definitely a fan of that toy.

Yes, I did.

Amazing transformation....what a diffrence the details make :)



i was getting bored of fakes but this keeps me going!

dug around in a box, here is a baxinger with flesh colored face! below is an oversized remolded transformers getaway. they added a battery operated light up feature but my favorite part is the sexy pearl finish all over it.

here are two police armor metal jack transforming car to plane thing that they added this pop up neon voltron driver onto the back! pretty funky!

i love this thing to death. it's no robot but it's a battery operated giant green horse that has a completely remolded ninja turtle bootleg riding it. has a lily leaf on the back and an eyepatch! and its HUGE, the horse stands about 12 inches and the ninja turtle is about 7:

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