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Is that a leftover prop from Michael Bay's last Transformers movie?
Many years ago Tom Franck and I were digging through the LA wholesale toy district and came across this 1/1 scale Scorponok boot. The pic does not do it justice, it's flippin' dayglow. We both passed, but of course now I wish I would have picked it up.

I love these crazy BO Saint Seiya boots...

you just need to do a book Mike
Only if you do it with me pal ;)
And another:

Sanjeev (Admin)
Each more hideous than the last. I love it!
Original transformable bootleg Diakengo sculpt...really not bad at all.

Dig that GoLion gun....

The often forgotten Choco-Ranger.

those korean gokins, super primo stuff there man.

dig up anything for the ninja turtle KO with the horse?

i somehow had the foresight to pick up that rainbow scropy back in the day, 8 modes baby!

i got a neon dairugger in today and here is an older lot with a golion combined with transfomrers sixturbo, also a HUGE grimlock and darkwing/dreadwind

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Damn. Hopefully Tom sees that. SWEET. I remember passing on it for 20 bucks.


Sorry I'm lagging Jason, hoping to get back to you ASAP.
Super envious of your giant Grimlock!

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Tonga -n- Drakar

Not really a bootleg, but plenty-o-fugly here:

Minimal Machinder

Mike Parisi Wrote:
> Not really a bootleg, but plenty-o-fugly here:
> [2.bp.blogspot.com]
> AAAAAAAABdM/a8YN1vTKbCI/s1600/01-05-2011+116127.jp
> g

You're kidding, right? That one is freaking beautiful! How big is it?

EDIT: Any more info? Manufacturer?

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Atlantic. Apparently very few survived because of the super low quaility plastic used.

i think these two boxes are the same toy

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Mike Parisi Wrote:
> Atlantic. Apparently very few survived because of
> the super low quaility plastic used.
> i think these two boxes are the same toy
> [megomuseum.com]
> ntis_2.jpg
> [megomuseum.com]
> ntis_1.jpg

Oh wow, I actually had been guessing that one. The missile launchers and plastics used really suggested "Italian, maybe Atlantic" to me. :D
I have nothing to show today. So....

I hear they're only releasing one cat at a time, by subscription.
Fortune telling robot in India.


That looks about as reliable as that hoosie-buzzing "Time Machine" in Napolean Dynamite.

This Gojira is cool!
Made by Fabergé I guess ;-)
...if only!

I am a bit suprized that this is the only gold zilla out there, other than that banpresto statue thing. It's a bat/op pump & go, & the eyes light up red. Really a cool toy for a bootleg.
Yep, Gojira looks really nice!

But also reminds me a bit of a fat sitting hen ;)
Yeah...here is the orginal. All the toys in this series (GZ, MGZ Gomora & Redking) look like sitting hens.

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There's a couple reasons why I like this one, it's big and the jet mode is really quite nice. The robot? F U G L Y.

If you don't like bootlegs we also have a very nice orginal painting for sale...

I used to have a set of these "ratbots"... maybe I still do, buried somewhere.

Epic video


here's that neon dairugger i was talking about. 1:1 scale, super crazy desu!

Wack-ass-dairugger Jason.

Missed this thing, looks to be a vintage Grendy/Spacer boot:

The Giodi crew

You know what's coming.

I don't know what he's from, but he's amazing.
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