Fugly Challenge

Posted by Mike Parisi 
hey Mike, is that the same blue astro boy that was just up on ebay?
Yup. I ganked the pic.

Very "Smurfy".
Low Complete Auge.

Heavy die-cast, breaks into two ships....not exactly fugly.

Another odd one from Korea.

Mike Parisi Wrote:
> Another odd one from Korea.

Its based on this:


I want YOU for Moé Sucks Army

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Wow, sure is. I guess the korean version is almost like a mini-jumbo then. Cool.
He may have to get that growth on his shoulder surgically removed...

Fugly Wanted:

Hey Zeus....that look like a cross between St. Seiya and the badguy from God Beast Liger.

Nice, I love this one:

Happy belated ThanksGiving, BTW ;;)


future of warfare right here

better than those 3rd party toys
Totally flazed and missed this:


you mean this little fugly robot ?

Nice! Went to a great home!
Hear...AND OBEY!


I want YOU for Moé Sucks Army
next stop is netflix to see if i can get that!
Butto has the best stuff on his blog




Some yokai for Alto-san


The boxart is amazing


There's a mutant XB-70 in that top pic


Those heads are way better




Jet robo
VF5SS Wrote:
> Butto has the best stuff on his blog
> [plaza.rakuten.co.jp]
> 0/
> Hikarian?
Yup. The green guy is fairly accurate (except the colors), the other one is awesome but completely remolded.

> [plaza.rakuten.co.jp]
> 0/
> The boxart is amazing
So these kits go higher than kit #6! Yay! I have a bunch of fake Microman watch robos and Machine Robo Machine Puzzler guys (can combine, only 3 cm long or so) from the same series.

Holy crap!


These are knockoffs of New Microman Kabaya kits I *just* found out about today (and posted about on the Facebook Micronauts/Microman group)!


MattAlt (Admin)
Do inflatable Shoguns count as fugly... or f'in awesome? It's a fine line.

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Damn...loving it. Did they make a whole set?
Holy crap O_o... do want! Matt, is that yours or is the pic from another source?

Now you gotta get the whole set of FuglyFive! ...Oh, wait, you probably already do.
Nice, Matt!! Lately, I've really been keen on getting all the Shogun ephemera, but it turns up surprisingly infrequently. The puzzles aren't too hard, but some of the other stuff, like that.... almost never it seems.

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
I've been on ebay "space visitor" alerts for over a year. Still nothing. I will wait.
Maybe I can help....I should have Batman misb, somewhere....
Hey I'd be interested in that if Jack isn't.

BTW Jack, did you ever post pics of the finished Godzilla custom you were making? It was looking pretty insane..


O___________O............ words....escape me.......just....wow....
Wow. Purty.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Seriously though Mike... why is that in the fugly thread?
I have a lot of respect for the hard work and passion that goes into making customs, and from a distance these guys look amazing. Close up, they are more like folk art, still very charming, and, you are right, they are not exactly fugly, just a bit rough. Check out the details:

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