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Posted by drifand 
Woo hoo Dougram....
I never did track down those old kits...I did buy the SOC Irongear...

It does look like there are new kits on the horizon from....ah hell i remember seeing pictures in the wonderfest coverage that went around, but I cant seem to find them now....was that just a fever dream?
Sanjeev (Admin)
Were they just re-pops of the old Takara kits or entirely new designs?
I knew I was't crazy....here we go


hmm...tempting...let's see how these turn out...
Sanjeev (Admin)
fel, I could kiss you!

The pic deserves to be posted:

I usually follow news from Wonderfest and Superfest, but somehow this one slipped past me.

I will buy the SHIT out of all of these.
Yeah i have pretty much made up my mind that it is time to go back down the road of plastic models....
That Blockhead is pretty dang sexy if you ask me....also the proportions look really good....and no I don't care how articulated these are...
I'll keep my eyes peeled for a pre-order...

And while I am flattered by the offer of a kiss I am spoken for...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Well, I'm not really super-interested in modeling anymore. Shit, it's been *ages* since my last gunpla. But when it comes to Dougram, I'll take what I can get.
Looking good!

Sanjeev (Admin)
Damn, that Blockhead looks SO good. But man, the head on the Roundfacer is really...big! Heh...I'm reminded of that line of PVC VOTOMS AT's with the slightly inflated heads (also Max Factory?).
Looking at the roundfacer I'm thinking what makes it look so big is that the frames on the cockpit window aren't painted. I will be buying all three as soon as I find a pre-order...I'm with you Sanjeev...Max Factory? Huh?!?
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hmm...perhaps. Yeah, the head doesn't look that bad to me...I guess part of what's throwing me off is also that the pilot dude seems a bit cramped in there! Oh well. Still getting all of 'em.

Max Factory: yeah, remember those "35Max" figures with the slightly over-sized heads?

Anyway, Toysdaily loads slow as shit for me, so I'm reposting the pics here:

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Sanjeev (Admin)

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yep...Done and Done....loving the painted ones...nice....
Let's snap these up and maybe we will see more...doubt it but one can dream....
Sanjeev (Admin)
No doubt.

Y'know, I've never heard of Max Factory doing plamo...but then again, no one really heard of them doing gokin either, yet that Mazinkaiser they did came out really well...
Any further details available about the kits?

I really hope they are going to be along the lines of Bandai's MG or PG series. Relatively easy to build with results that are almost toy-like in sturdiness.

I am not adept at building models, so unless they are of the same nature as MG, while I love Dougram I cannot see me pruchasing them.... :(
Sanjeev (Admin)
I haven't heard anything else--but really, my only source of info on these kits is *this* thread (despite it being a bit of a non-vintage derailment).

My guess is that these kits will be roughly the quality of a Bandai HG kit...or perhaps a Kotobukiya plamo kit. I mean, that seems to be the standard these days, right? MG is asking a bit much...with all the removable panels and crazy internal structure detail--I'm actually a bit surprised you'd want something as intricate as that.

I sure don't. I'm adept at models...I just don't have the time to put THAT much work in...
Yeah I know these ain't vintage, but hey, it is Dougram....

Magazine photos....

The more I see the more these look like traditional model kits. Nothing fancy...and in an odd sort of way that makes me feel a little warm inside....
open | download - modo.jpg (284.3 KB)
Sanjeev (Admin)


Can't wait for these...
for the sake of completeness....and, well, to post about Dougram again...

Sanjeev (Admin)
I still feel like the Roundfacer's head is a wee bit too big...but off-proportions have always kinda been Max Factory's MO (I'm thinking of those VOTOMS figures they did during the boom a few years back).

But whatever...I'm psyched and I'm definitely buying the shit outta these.
Dougram is looking good...I know most people also read collectiondx but I dont care....This is just an excuse post more Dougram pictures again....soooo looking forward to these...


And finally...a pre-order....


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Sanjeev (Admin)
Bless you, sir. I was just on CDX last night, but I neglected to check the news section! Definitely placing my preorder...
and CrabbyPattyGunner T shirts!

Catching up a bit here, and glad these are coming. When I do my "someday" space for models, I'm doing these, and some landscape base/ repair bay hangar thingies too, like the Robotech Defenders box art (BESTEST EVER), ...and then they get integrated with an actual model railway siding, coming up into the base, with freight cars, and then, and THEN! ...ah , to dream.
i read the reviews on amazon for the dougrqm 1/72 kit. What I read was underwhelming at best:

overall the kit quality is OK but not as good as MG quality.

definitely thumbs up for fans, but not the dream kit that people were expecting. for a kit that costs over 3,000 (which is in the range of the MG kits) yen, I would expect better reviews.

i have therefore been reluctant to pick one up. maybe the soltic or blockhead will be better....
Sanjeev (Admin)
That's kind of a bummer to hear...but somewhat in-line with what I was expecting. As excited I am, in general, about *new* Dougram merchandise, I'm actually not all that hellbent on buying it (I don't really need MORE unfinished model kits in my house!).

I'm honestly a little more excited about the mini Nitto kits getting reissued again:
I probably wouldn't finish these guys either...but I'd be buying them more for the box art!
Sanjeev (Admin)
So Max Factory looks like they're doing a LOT more Dougram kits! Rather than repost all the images here ('cause I'm lazy!), just click here:

That Ironfoot is pretty damn sexy!
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