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Roger Wrote:
> These are the exact kits that got me hooked on
> these cruddy little things twenty years ago. The
> batch includes Gundam-ZZ, Gaza-D, Gallus-J,
> R-Jarja, Bawoo, and Dreissen.

Got them today and I'm very happy. Instead of Gundam-ZZ, I got Gazowm, giving me a complete set of series 2! The MS are:

Gallus-J (purple)
Gaza-D (green)
Dreissen (gray)
Gazowm (orange)
R-Jarja (orange)
Bawoo (blue)

Strangely, when I had these years ago, the Gallus-J was green and the Gaza-D was purple.
MattAlt (Admin)
You think you've got it bad hunting down old Gundam capsule kits and erasers? The hottest things on the Japanese market right now are old candy-toy premiums. Mandarake's opened up an entire specialty shop for them in Nakano, with top ones fetching anywhere between $500 - $1000... And we're talking for something that's a half-inch of unpainted plastic. That's right: this vintage Glico Mazinger Z will cost you more than a Chogokin:

i guess it must not be too hard to make bootleg of this ugly thing
Roger Wrote:
> These just popped up on Morinaga Taiwan's product
> page:
> Anybody seen 'em?

> Packaging:
> Has anyone seen them since my 2:50 post?

> Looks like Mandarake's blog covered those
> ERASER/candy kit combos:
> []

I saw these at Kam Man in Chinatown today. Want me to pick you up a set, or will you get 'em in Jersey?

Also, I think they may not be ERASERS; the box shows the character figs painted... but wait, these might not even be the same series. The ones I saw all had a Nu Gundam kit pictured on the box, which isn't among the eight seen above.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH

I'll check my local Kam Man by the end of the week and if they don't have them, I will take you up on your offer. Thanks.
For those of you who care, Paul led me straight to those candy kits and boy, are they cruddy. More flash on the parts than Janet Jackson. Fun, though.

Check it out, gashapon machine sales cards:

Not sure what this contributes, but they're nice pictures(found on 2chan):

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Man, I like those colors. A lot of them are more subdued than your average candy kit, and 3/4 of them are actually appropriate for the MS they're on :D

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
asterphage Wrote:
> Man, I like those colors. A lot of them are more
> subdued than your average candy kit, and 3/4 of
> them are actually appropriate for the MS they're
> on

I'm sure it took some effort to obtain the ones in anime accurate colors. Even back in the day, each one of these things probably came molded in every possible color. Someone trying for a "complete" collection would actually have to have each model in like 10 different colors.
Morinaga Taiwan has caught up to the Gundam Wing era, apparently. Found this at my Kam Man for $1.39.

The blue plastic is waxy, the white plastic is grainy, but overall the quality is much better than the older Morinaga Taiwan stuff, plus you can tell which number you're getting before you buy. The chocoballs still taste awful, though.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Damn...these are delightful. Dunno why I never commented in this thread before, but I kinda love these. Gonna have to check my local Kam Man now...

Let me know if you find is a pretty big drive for me to Kam Man from going there though. Some friends from Brookline took me there a few years ago and I go back when the schedule permits.

- Mike

- Mike

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