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I actually bought this mag back in the day. As soon as I saw this ad I freaked out. It was the summer of 84 and I had just watched the Macross movie and recently bought the Bandai Strike Valk. Unlike the Takatokus I had, the Strike didn't come with a product book, so this was my first look at the elint seeker and the super ostrich.

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That is a kickass ad. The Ostrich and Elintseeker... Why do the coolest toys have to being the most under produced (and thus expensive)?? On the plus side, they seem to be the only valkyries that held their value after the bandai reissues.

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was the gundam mkII mostly made out of plastic? not too long ago we had a commercial for it and it looked very cool.

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The MK II is all plastic. It's probably the best of the old DX's, not that that's saying much :)

If you dig it, you should check out the Korean boot that's about 10 times the size (no kidding).
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