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For those of you might have missed it, two of the rarest and most sought after Jumbo Machinder villains were auctioned off on Yahoo Japan this week, both fetching some pretty stunning prices. A loose specimen of the 3 headed Rokuron Q9 ended at 881,000 Yen


while a boxed specimen of Green Ghost C3 finished at a whopping 1,311,000 Yen.


I think someone asked not long ago what was the most a Japanese character toy has ever sold for. I would think that the C3 would have to be up there, no? At least for sales publicly known of.
I can't view the pages, since I can't log in - could you post the photos?

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Rokuron Q9

Green Ghost C3

C3 box

I wanted that Rokuron in the worst way....:(

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These are sooooo cool. Gads!

I wish they weren't rare. They'd be less popular -and thus more affordable!

Thanks! Rorukon is skeery. His heads look sorta like Solomon Grundy.

My knowledge of Mazinga villains is limited - who's to Rorukon's left on the box (gold & green, bug eyes), and who's between Garada and Green Ghost (silver, bull head, shoulder missiles)?

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I believe the bugeyed villain is Lensari, if i'm not mistakened he is a kamen rider villain.

the bullhead is the Taihou Buffalo, don't know who he played villain to tho...

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Aren't Lensari, Taihou Buffalo, Bazooka Turtle all villains of Kamen Rider V-3?
Yes. Hasami Jaguar rounds out the 4 Kamen Rider V3 villains released as Jumbos.
Wow. I wonder why they made so many more villains (at least for the most popular characters) back then.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
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