The Holy Grail of Vintage toy collecting

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laughing stock indeed.
Oh wait my friend has something to say re Robots:

Er......uh....Punk Rock!
how, uh... 80's
Should have the mole checked out too, might be pre-cancerous.
So what did we learn today?

There is no such thing as a holy grail that anyone can agree on.

People have been killed in Italy over robot toys.

Chris reads blogs.

Robots are dead, but they were never alive to begin with.

- Interviewer: Bono what do you think about Robots in year 2004

- Bono: Robots? Heck! I hate them, they are dead! Oh damn you ruined my day just feck off.

- Interviewer: but but but but ...

- Bono: Get the hell outta here!
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
What a stupid thread this has become..


Chris: Back the fuc k up pal. Toy collecting is dead? Tell that to my bank account last month. Just because you can't charge someone $3000 for a DX Daibaron anymore doesn't mean toy collecting is dead. It just means you, and a great majority of your Italian brethren (not all) can't rip off other collectors anymore like you used to do.

And BTW, I could give a shi t what you have to say as a reply, so don't even bother.

Cae: Taunt all you want, it just fuels the fire brother. I know it's fun though.

Personal "current" holy grail:

Diapolon Store Display.
The heck do you want now? iF YOU COLLECT it doesnt mean robots are alive, They are dead indeed.
FYI I never ripped off anyone so feck
> Taunt all you want, it just fuels the fire brother. I know it's fun though.

I'm just enjoying watching Chris' arguing skills degrade to piddly nothingness over these last few years.

He's a bit like a cartoon bee's nest -lotsa noise but no sting.

Bummer. He used to be a lot better at this.

Soon he'll be as articulate as that South American kid who had a hard-on for HLJ. What was his name again? All I remember is hilarious "Zaku Whideout Penis" insult.

Drink less S'more-flavored Schnapps and you'll see how Robots are dead.
50th post!

erik: didn't mike parisi have one for sale not to long ago?

Don't touch my dumplings!!
I traded it for an entire collection of Nebular Warlods, minus "Dink", which is now my personal holy grail. That and POKER ROBO DIAMOND and SPADES.
robots being dead would imply that they were alive at some point. they are made of zinc alloy and plastic. they were never really alive.

i think this thread is hysterical
having said that we all know Chris is just doing this for laughs, or he is one seriously weird dude.

no me interesso un cazzo
Mike: what are those things? I've never heard of nebular warlords...any pics of em?

Don't touch my dumplings!!
Wait a minute, when did the entire nation of Italy get unbanned from the BBS?
Well I was kidding actually. But I really do like Nebular Warlords...they are these big, bat-opp, walking mechanical creatures with motorized pilots that can be removed from the creature and walk by themselves. Sort of like mech dino-riders only clunky and weird.
For me at least, my Holy Grails have yet to been proven to exist:

The "Jumbo" Grip diecasts of the G-2 racing car and G-3 motorcycle from Gatchaman.
I dunno -the whole 'Holy Grail' thing.

My 'holy grail' was originally a GA-51 Gaiking, back when a person could routinely expect to pay $450+ for one.

So I finally broke and got one.

Once I passed that mark, well -c'mon: The GA-51 isn't even rare and -even at $450- it ain't all that expensive, but it meant something to me. Oh, yeah. Still does, I guess.

The point is, all getting my 'holy grail' did to me was urge me on to other 'holy grails'.

To me, a 'Holy Grail' should be the toy you buy that signals the end of your need to buy any other toys- "With this, I am done. Sated."
It should complete the toy-you and your collecton.
If not, what is it but just another piece?

Is this even possible, this 'finishing'? Once 'finished' (unless a person learns their lesson) don't we just move our focus on -or buy it all again, looking for the perfect of the perfect?

Now, I can see a toy becoming a capstone of a collection -the one toy that says it all, the one toy you'd sacrifice all the others for- but really, once you get that 'holy grail', doesn't another toy just fall into its place?

Present 'Grails':

Marushin Kemular
Takatoku Ultraman Leo
Takatoku Kuwagattan
Popy Sea Marine

(see? I can't even pick one!)

Someone always has to crash a simple thread and make it shitt-e.


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When Robots are Dead, Hell will Walk the Earth.
Holy ****! I just wanted to know if there was any old toys that had the same special status like a Mantle rookie card , that stamp that had the plane upside down, or a Buffalo penny. I in no way meant to cause this much trouble or name calling. Maybe I should just stay away from the vintage section.

yeah stay away just like everybody on the planet.
Chen, it's not your fault that we're all demented. Don't take it personally.

de dementia rerum.
...anyway noone has an argument to tell ROBOTS aren't dead. If you had ask3 or 4 years ago which was the Holy Grail of vintage you would have seen a LOT of people telling: I think this is it, I think this is that (and maybe that or this would have been the Daiku Maryu DX). So what is now the holy grail? Simple, there is no holy grail as vintage toy collecting as a *mass* phenomenon is dead. There is still some collector out there trying to find something he still needs or (if he has everything) trying to reviving his OWN satisfaction buying something different from what he was searching at first (example some vinyls). As you can clearly see there is not a defined holy grail because there is not a category of people looking for vintage robots. If you ask Rolex collectors they will probably say The Daytona Paul Newman. But when you ask robot collectors (there are 5 worldwide) there is no answer.
Oh and YES, People look at Italy because we are the beautiful.
Mass phenomenon? When the hell did that happen?

Pardon me, being a dumb Yank, and all.
Garada K7 is definitely the one item that stands for all that is unattainable in modern Japanese Toy Collecting.

Personally, I have never seen the mythical (double-size?) special edition Big Scale Yamato, which reportedly has a diecast hull.

Also, I've never seen the more recent "traditional color" God Raideen from 1997. These are really grails to me - items that I'm not really sure exist, but would love to see, let alone to actually purchase. If I think about it a while, I could probably come up with a few more examples.

Not sure who, but someone said:

"By the way, believe it or not some people were involved in fights at toy conventions in Italy"

Well, you just cause trouble *everywhere*, don't you?

I am seeking a plastic Popy Tora Sobu Raideen.
> more recent "traditional color" God Raideen from 1997

That would be something, wouldn't it?

Too bad the piece is so damned fidgety.

> If you had ask3 or 4 years ago which was the Holy Grail of vintage you would have seen a LOT of people telling: I think this is it, I think this is that

Yes, and those people are now so bloody sick of answering the same damned poll questions that they've moved on.

As a matter of fact, when people get tired of something, most of them move on. It's called evolution. Developement. Hell: inertia.
Only the dull and the dim hang about whining and growling about how they're no longer interested.

if vintage robot toy collecting is dead, the thread wouldn't be this long.

i didn't know the traditional color god reideen was considered a holy grail at all....

there were pics posted a while ago of that piece. the onyl difference in the box is that there is a little sticker on it differentiating it from the regular one.

i'd say it is rare, but not a grail, but then again a holy grail should be a personal decision.

the Christian holy grail to a Buddhist is just a used cup..... the garada K7 jumbo to a MLP collector would be just a butt ugly skeleton with sickles on its head.

to a diecast collector, there would probablyh be less demand for the k7 and more for the dx mechanda or a dx pegas (uggo blue one)
So, still no holy grail defined... oh yes Robots are alive. My ass.
Oh and by the way, this post is long because I keep it alive. Not because Robots aren't dead which is indeed very very true. And also I hate them so very very much.
aww poor chris, he couldnt rip off another guy by trying to sell him a $600 toy for 750 euros haha. robot collecting is dead for people who buy from you you silly italian.

Don't touch my dumplings!!
No man I am not ripping off anyone. I make my price. If you accept it then we are ok, if not then don't accept it in the first place.
Chris, Stop the Flaming and move on.


Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, For You are Crunchy and Taste Good with Ketchup!
No, Chris, stay here and keep flaming.

There are 'holy grail' American robot toys "Big Loo Your Friend From the Moon" was a king size 30'' robot from the Marx toy co. 1963 (I used to have one) He regularly sells for over a thousand bucks. "Robot Commando" was a battery toy of about the same vintage from Ideal toy co. (I think) He's another super rare find.
> I will never stop collecting until I have every single POKER-ROBO.

I've only ever seen pics of the yellow clubs one. MORE POKER ROBO PHOTO PLEASE.

> Soon he'll be as articulate as that South American kid who had a hard-on
> for HLJ. What was his name again? All I remember is hilarious "Zaku
> Whideout Penis" insult.

DLS! something De La Sota.

> Wait a minute, when did the entire nation of Italy get unbanned from the
> BBS?

That's Waist Joint.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
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