Tin windup exhibit at Disneyworld

Posted by Kingboy D 
I took my kids to Disneyworld this weekend, and there was a tin windup exhibit at the Japanese area of Epcot. They had a varied collection from an individual (I forgot his name, but I took a photo of the placard and will post further info in the near future). They had Disney characters, carnival items, the blocky robots, space figures, and even a window of Japanese anime robots and similar items. Included were some T-28, ultraman, Godzilla, and atom boy (?) stuff, among others I could not identify. I took tons of pics. Unfortunately, my digital camera was N/A, so I took photos for prints. I haven't developed them yet, but when I do, I will scan them and attempt to upload them if anyone is interested.

Disney's website advertised Japanese toys at the gift shops, so I was hopeful that I could pick up some The Chogokin figures or at least view SOCs in person. Unfortunately, their selection was limited to mostly Gundams, very few Evangelion figures, and select others.

If anyone is interested or wants further info, please let me know.
I'm interested in scans, thanks! My mother and sister are going to Disneyworld in a couple of months, and I'll ask them to take pictures of this. I'm curious as to which Godzillas are displayed there.

A few years ago, going through the LA airport (or it might have been Burbank...) There was a small area off the main concourse where they had some glass display cases on the wall and exhibits from local artists. One of them was FILLED with jumbos (Mattell versions, nothing too exciting...) but was was funny, was the guy who displayed them had many of the wrong fists on them...as well as a brief essay on the human condition and robot toys and what they make us feel etc...unfortunately they were all in beat-to-hell condition and the essay didn't make a lot of sense...
I got my photos back and will try to get them posted sometime soon. It was a collection from Teruhisa Kitahara, listed as "a famous Japanese TV amnd publishing personality. He is also the world's greatest collector of tin toys. His seven toy museums in Japan contain nearly 50,000 tin toys, including many rare and vintage ones. His enthusiasm for tin toys has earned him the title of Japan's Tin Toy Master."

Its funny, my enthusiasm for something more personal has earned me the title of "America's Master of Bating."

Anyway, Roger, the tins included Godzilla, Gigan, and Baragon. They were about 12" tall, and all of the boxes were displayed in one of the windows.
Here are the photos:

Thanks for sharing, Kingboy D!
I'm really not into tins, but I think that Gigan has the power to tempt even the most hardened collectors here.

Who knew that Mirrorman would get exposure at Disneyland, of all places.

Last summer I was buying the "Kitahara Collection" tiny plastic trading figures, and now I'm kind of fascinated that his collection is showing in the U.S., even though I'm not all that interested in tins either... Some of those designs are just too funky.

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MattAlt (Admin)
Ahh, that's Teruhisa Kitahara! He's "the Man" when it comes to tin toys in Japan. Curator of the Tin Toy Museum near Yokohama, author of numerous books (including "Tin Toy Dreams," which really captivated me as a kid.)

He's all over the place these days doing columns in toy magazines and appearances on Japanese TV. On that note, I just caught him the other day, on the Japanese version of "Antiques Roadshow." (Someone brought in a Robocon JM, and another had hauled in a pile of vintage Bullmark vinyls, which he and his fellow panel-members appraised.)

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