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Yeah, enough o yer blabblin and just send us our entitled stuff already. Specs-schmecs. :0)

Seriously, great to see your idea go from concept to reality so quickly. Nice job on the design.
So simple looking, yet took some work to get those angles figured out just right so Unicron will sit straight.

Sorry I forgot all about those LEDs in the last month's hubbub. D'OOHH! I gotta go get those and crack open dusty Unicron.

I'm waiting to place my order, easily from my own home, as soon as I see the commercial on QVC/HomeShoppingNetwork!
Sanjeev, not only is it cool to see this produced, it's REALLY cool to see how well your design performs. Love that it's simple and functional, and without a lot of crap getting in the way.

More serious than thou
Like I said on chat before, this thing is damn sweet and I can't wait to get my planet eater into it!

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Sanjeev (Admin)
Haha...you guys crack me up!

Seriously, it's been a fun little side project (and a nice way to blow off some steam from the hectic Gin Gin project). Inundating you fellas with details you could hardly care less about has been part of the fun for me! Haha! I like it when others really get how much (or how little!) effort goes into a project!

Anyway, still awaiting the final quote on the 2 dozen-piece order. When I get that, I'll tell y'all how much to send my way. Jon, you figure out how to get green LEDs in my Unicron's head, your stand's free. I'm into gears, not wires! ;)

I definately down for the base. Put me down as a must buy. Hey Sanjeev, Wy don't you take it one step further and put a little sticker on the bottom with a date of production, and a serial number, then underneith an actual "Sanjeev signiture. That we all could have an original fist series "Sanjeev" design. Might I suggest a gold or silver metalic sticker (Something that will last.)
Hey an artist must sign his work.

Here is an example:

TFU- The Destroyer base.
Series 1.
#000 of 00000
Limited to 00000 pieces world wide.
___________________ (Artist Signature)

( The "U" in TFU is for Unicron if you don't want to use the name ie: like fansproject)
Or, a signature image of a bespectacled Jerk, with pants around his ankles?
Sanjeev (Admin)
Haha...we actually looked into getting gold foil stickers with "teh Jerk" silhouette over a gold background...but it just didn't work out. Since it was just a silhouette, you couldn't tell it was me, not Steve Martin, so it kinda killed the joke...

I appreciate your enthusiasm, Marvin! Thing is, I really don't wanna put anything other than the clear bompons on the stand because the crystal clarity of the thing, I think, is part of the appeal! I mean, my crummy photography aside, this thing's gorgeous! There is no "inconspicuous" spot when the whole rig is perfectly clear, so a sticker anywhere would be kinda tacky-looking.

Anyway, y'all're embarrassing the shit outta me! A couple folks have now asked for signed Gin Gins...and weirdly enough, I guess I'm just way too shy to write on someone else's toy...even if I fucking made it! :P
Sanjeev Wrote:
> Uh...Unicron's planet wings are at the
> dry-cleaner's. Quit complaining! I'll take better
> pics when I get a chance (and when I get the damn
> wings back!).

You're getting them painted, aren't you? I wanna see...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Gcrush Wrote:
> You're getting them painted, aren't you? I wanna
> see...

Heh, well, I brought 'em down to the shop...and got caught up. What can I say? Gin Gin'll be here in a week. Priorities.

Oddly, it's been over a week, and I still haven't gotten a quote from the acrylic fabricator...so I'm starting to wonder what's up with the stand...
>>Gcrush Wrote:
>> I think
>> Unicron was the last toy I spent more than $50 on
>> and I'm still waiting on a stand for the damn
>> thing. Haw!
>Sanjeev Wrote:
>Haha! The order's been placed. They're a-comin'...eventually. $30 plus shipping, >I think was the final total. Comes with bompons. I just love typing that word. ;)

Sanjeev (Admin)
Indeed! I'm psyched as shit. One of my boys (who's painfully aware of how utterly shitty the unicron.com stand is) came over to my place last week to check out the prototype. He was *blown away* by it. He, of course, picked the thing up by the base and "flew" it around...and found it to be worthy.

Will let y'all know when I get receive the shipment!
Sanjeev Wrote:
> Indeed! I'm psyched as shit. One of my boys (who's
> painfully aware of how utterly shitty the
> unicron.com stand is) came over to my place last
> week to check out the prototype. He was *blown
> away* by it. He, of course, picked the thing up by
> the base and "flew" it around...and found it to be
> worthy.
> Will let y'all know when I get receive the
> shipment!

You should have recorded a video and posted it online.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Oh don't you worry: plans are already in the works for video coverage of a side-by-side "taste test". For once, I'm actually *glad* I held onto the unicron.com stand!
Test them by running them both over with Roger's car.
I spent the holidays completely weatherning my Unicron. I want to show everyone how it came out. (It took about 4 days at 4 hours a day) and a lot of fingernail polish remover. What's the easiest way to post it here? or can I just send it to one of you guys to post. or should I just use a photo share program. I didn'twant to use my professional website for this type of stuff.
Marvin Lee Wrote:
> I spent the holidays completely weatherning my
> Unicron. I want to show everyone how it came out.
> What's the easiest way to post it here?

I would suggest something with the strategic placement of either breasts or testicles. Those are easiest. Anything with the buttocks is too difficult to light properly if you want to make sure the anus is visible, though those shots can be worth the effort if you take your time in setting them up.

Alternately, if your pics are in .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG formats you can upload them straight to the phorum provided they're under 500KB each. If they're larger than that just re-size them. Select this thread, click the "Attach a file..." link, browse for the pics, then select them for attachment. Max is four at a time. After you get them all 'tached, post your message. Done.

If you want the images to appear in the body of the post you can edit it with the following tags:

Just replace the ___ with the hyperlink to the image files. For example, in this post Sanjeev posted some pictures of an exotic sex toy. The hyperlink for the first picture is [toyboxdx.com] . So to make the image show up using the tags above it would look like:

without the quotes. Like this:

Now that you know, and since knowing is 50% of the battle, post those pics. Hopefully with the testicles tastefully positioned.
Just sign up a free account on Photobucket, post the pics there, then link the pics to your reply here. Pretty simple.

For the image to show up on your reply directly, just add the image tag to the weblink (being the "..........." in my example) of your photo posted on Photobucket, like this:

Sanjeev (Admin)
You goofballs... Marvin, I can't believe you've been posting on this board for AGES and you've never posted a pic! :P

Well anyway, good news. Finally some solid feedback: the stand order's almost ready! I have to put together some stuff, pack in those bompons, and box these things up...and they should be ready to roll in about a week!

In the meantime...let's see some pics, Marvin!
I'd love to see some weathered pics too.
My pic is just some evil scientist candy I FINALLY stopped in a RadioShack to pick up. Got a bunch of different stuff to give a whirly to. Hopefully you won't hear an earth-shattering-Ka-BOOM! and something will light up green soon.

BTW, I can totally see putting one of the Unicron acrylic stands on top of a multicolor light up display base too.

Nice to hear your evil machinations are proceeding nicely Sanjeev.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Haha...Jon, you put everything on those multi-colored light-up bases!

Hey, I owe you a phone call. Make this green eye thing happen, and you gotcher self a stand! ;)
Sanjeev wrote:

You goofballs... Marvin, I can't believe you've been posting on this board for AGES and you've never posted a pic! :P


It was kinda like when adults never learn how to read. As time goes by they just get embarrassed to mention it. I've posted other places but not here. It like a hidden shame. Just like the fact that I grew up in Alabama and I HATE football. So when people ask me "Hey! did you see that play last night" I have to fake it or be a social outcast. I wonder if that what it's like for gay people who are trying to remain in the closet?

Anyway I'll take a lot of pictures in a day or so and post them. Between the weathering, adding Sanjeev's new base and the green eye light upgrade we'll have the coolest Unicron's around....

Did I just say coolest Unicron....man we are such nerds some times, but hey everyone needs to be nerdy about something.
Ok, just got back from a good game of LazerTag, being that I'm all cool and stuff, and dusted off this Unciron and got him some new peepers.
Not too bad! I played around with the limited few LEDs I got from RadioShack, so i'm sure they're not the primo stuff, but big or little, clear green, or shaded green shells, the eyes have this thick, kinda cheesy clear plastic lens thingie for the eyes, and the glow pretty much just comes out the same whatever I used. The only differnce was using a bigger, clear green one, with a tight focus beam, but it wound up looking exacly like a little person was holding a flashlight to glow through the plastic lower face section, so I just went with the green tinted LED that was the same tiny size as the original.
There IS more room in there for a bigger LED, in case anyone wants to fiddle with it.

Thanks mpchi for steering towards the LED sizes, as I got to pick up an assortment before I even cracked it open.

Oh, and I'm senile, and can't remember if there's a gimmick to get the eyes to stay on for a bit? instead of just blinking? And where in blazes is the outer trigger for the hand light? razzafrazza

EDIT: I just realized the face plastic/paint may be more darkerer with this new version Unicron y'all have, and the brighter light may work? I did this mod on the 1st ver. Armada toy. I *think* it may let more overspill light through the face plastic. Will have to compare.

YOU Kids stop ringing my doorbell!! Hrrr!

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Ok, so whatever you did in that picture looks perfect to me. Go with that one and give us a step by step with sizes etc.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Fucking-ay, man! I'm loving it, Jon! Coolest Unicrons...all around! ;)

Well, I'd go with the brightest green LED, and just cover the inside surface of the face (really, the whole cavity) with tin foil to prevent light spill and scatter the light out the eyes better. Does that make sense?
Marvin, I'll try to get some clear pics of the process and put em up. The usable green LEDs I got just came in an assortment pac from RadioShack, Part # 276-1622,
without specific specs, but it's easy enough to match stuff up. Only a couple common physical sizes available, and then it's mostly color choice.

I just took the two batteries # GPA76, held them stacked together,with the bent leads of the various LEDs one at a time pressed to the ends of the batteries, to light up, and held the various ones behind the face to see what worked.

Sanjeev, covering the inside of the face makes PERFECT sense.
I finally went over to that link mpchi, and Scopey provided to TFW2005, and yea, no pics, but the guy DOES say that he just painted the inside of the face plastic black to prevent the overspill. DERRRR! Why didn't I think of that? Cuz I'm soldering after midnight, that's why. ;0p
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hey, bruh, you ain't the only one up crazy hours doing weird toy shit! ;)

But just to reassert my assertion, I would NOT paint the inside of the face black. Black will just absorb the light from the LED. Coating the entire cavity (leaving just the eyes exposed) with the shinier side of tin foil will reflect the light from all directions until it can only go one way: out the eyes. AND it'll likely do a lot better job of stopping light bleed (since it's perfectly opaque) than just a coat of paint...
True, and I got to thinking about using the aluminum metal foil tape (REAL duct tape) I just happen to carry with me everywhere for work. Won't get loosey goosey. Your assertation is duly noted.

Any chance you goons will get to that FOE gallery and Jake's in a few weeks? Maybe have a modifyn' party there? Bring yer' toys, and step right up folks!
Anonymous User
Typically I have seen model builders apply a black coat of paint followed by silver on top.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Anavel Wrote:
> Typically I have seen model builders apply a black
> coat of paint followed by silver on top.

Ah, that makes sense...but Jon's tape sounds even simpler! ;)
Sanjeev (Admin)

They're done.
It's three quarters after ten... I'm a little drunk... and Unicron needs this now...

OH MY GOD its amazing! When can we order?

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Can't wait until this is in my house.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Yeah, when can we order? Can the base support Unicronin Robot mode as if he were floating?
You order by sending a PM to Sanjeev, which will get sent to his army of minions, one of whom will reply with a meeting spot, and the amount that should be in the briefcase.

You will then receive a secretly coded scrap of notepaper, which you are instructed to bring to your local 7-11.

Any 7-11 clerk will be pre-clued in on the deal, and will, upon being presented with the coded note, sneak off to the back of the beer cooler case, fetch your toy, and meet you near the A/C unit behind the building.
The light bulb near the A/C unit will just happen to be out.
You walk away, and open your box when safely home.

This secrecy is necessary, so as to avoid the vintage toy hitmen, who stop at nothing to prevent new toys on the market.

Be safe.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
You won't be meeting with me; you'll be meeting with one of my associates. The pass-phrase is "eagleshard". If you do not use it immediately, my men will bring you down. Hard. And believe me...they are the best at what they do.

Or just PM me, paypal me, and I'll mail it to you! ;P
Sanjeev (Admin)
Weeeell....I'm fucked!

Guess I should go make more, huh? :P


Oh, Marvin, the stand isn't designed to accommodate robot mode. But hey...give it a shot and see what happens!
Sanjeev Wrote:
> Weeeell....I'm fucked!

Proceed... on your way to oblivion.

No, but really, maybe this will have the added benefit of drawing attention to your other projects.

Sanjeev, I counted 14 variations on "fuck" in your blog post about the Throne of Chaos. You sure use, "a lot of cursing and [sic] fowl language."

I guess no one noticed the reflection of your naked, diamond encrusted junk in crystal clear finish of the stand yet. I can't wait until that comes up. Haw.

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