Black Friday Releases

Posted by DabulasM2 
i hear that the yellow constructicon walmart exclusive set will hit the shelves on friday, anyone else know if anything is hitting that day?

Don't touch my dumplings!!
I think that's been slowly coming out. Yeah maybe you'll find it this weekend. Best part is that this version of Landfill is HALF the price from when you had to get all four seperately in the RID line. I already have Landfill so I don't need this but at least the colors don't suck like most of the Universe line.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Word is that Wal-Marts everywhere have Energon in the back, patiently waiting for Black Friday. In fact, a small number of people have found them on the shelves (both Landfill and Energon toys), but they won't ring up at the register just yet.
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