Hmm so does MP Convoy come with Trailer?

Posted by The Master 
This picture just surfaced... let the speculation begin:

It's been revealed to be made out of paper. Those wacky japanese people and their paper!
This was done once b4. When there was the TF Jr. line in the 80's, Prime had a trailer made of paper.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
I heard a rumor that the cardboard trailer will actually be included with the Japanese version of the toy. Not sure if it's confirmed in any way yet.

-Paul Segal

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Yeah, that's true from what I understand.
Supposedly, the Japanese packaging can actually be folded into the trailer.
MattAlt (Admin)
Indeed, that's exactly what this month's issue of Dengeki Hobby says: the package can be folded into the trailer. Transformagami!

That's going to suck, if you have to destroy the box to build the trailer.
Anonymous User
I hope Takara will eventually release a trailer than can combine with Prime... Superginrai!

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