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Hey Guys,

There are so many different 3rd parties making dinobots. Can someone list all the different lines that are coming out as well as the pro's and cons of each as well as their scale.I see one is designed to be one of the largest combiners ever created but I also know that some are con exclusives and some are not. I'm all confused. I know that Scoria is suppose to be MP scale but are the rest? Are some in scale to the classics line?

*Signature = Masterpiece scale
*Priced at $200 each
*Have released "Scoria" (Slag)
*Pictures of upcoming "Soar" (Swoop) and "Sever" (Snarl)
*Have also made "Quakewave", a very well received version of Shockwave


*Signature = Combiners
*Have released "Roar" (Snarl)
*Pictures available of upcoming "Muddy" (Sludge), unnamed Triceratops and T-Rex and combined mode
*Priced at $115 each
*Resume includes updates of Throttlebots, a version of Megatron called "Hegemon" and a few Headmasters


*Signature = include Targetmaster-like partners
*Have released "Columpio" (Sludge) with "Drepan"
*Pics of upcoming "Cubrar" (Slag) with "Tekour"
*Priced at $103 each
*From the company that made versions of Insecticons, Stunticons (M3 Intimidator) as well as various Headmasters


*Signature = Combiners
*First release will be version of Sludge (not sure of name)
*Combined mode seems to be called "Shuraking"
*Priced at $115 each
*This is the first release from this company

I don't really know how big the non-MP scale toys are.

I have Scoria. I really like it. It is big, heavy and feels like a dinosaur toy should. I plan to get the others when they come out. I love the idea of a whole team of excessively big, gaudy dinosaur robots.

I have the Toyworld "Roar" en route. It is expected to arrive Saturday. I am getting this team because the kid in me always wanted a Dinobot combiner, I have positive experience with this company's releases and I like the way these toys look in all 3 modes. I can report back when I receive the toy if you like.

Thank you
Thank you

No, Jake, thank you! This is most informative post I have read on this BBS in a decade.

I wish someone would create a G1 x 3P matrix for all chacters; it's really hard to keep up with this torrent unless you live on an TF BBS.
No sweat, glad I could help. Writing it out benefitted me too. Doing so reminded and solidified my choices in the vast sea of competing Dinobot options.

I know what you mean about the torrent. I find the ever-increasing number of different companies very hard to keep straight.

Thank you
Oof, turns out there's more:


*Signature = MP Scale
*First release will be "Guttur" (Snarl)
*No pricing or preorder info up anywhere that I could find
*Company has no resume yet
*Facebook shows project updates


*Signature = "Fall of Cybertron" Dinobots
*Complements official Has/Tak FOC Grimlock
*Have released "Caelus" (Swoop) $80
*Second release, "Neptune" (Sludge) is available for preorder for $103
*Previous work by company amounts to a big Omega Supreme tribute called "Genesis"

By the way, I received Toyworld Roar the other day. I am very happy with it. The quality, design and playability are all quite good. I probably wasn't paying close enough attention, but it is about 25-33% bigger than I realized.

I can't necessarily disagree with the fandom's complaints re: the sword and gun being a bit underwhelming, but all told I see that as very minor in the face of a very nice toy.

I can't wait for the whole team, my Dinobot shelf is going to need structural reinforcements.

Thank you
I just saw the reviews of the Planet X Dinobots and I've decided to criss them off my list. My problem is that 1. I'm not a big fan of the WOC or FOC line and I hate how they have changed the story or the dinobots. Earth based alt mode creatures before they went to Earth. Can't get my mind past that. My other reason is you're paying $70.00 to $100+ dollars to compliment a $24.00 figure. Can't do it. The two that interest me is the idea of a combiner Dinobots team. Seems it would out Predaking Prediking. If one set is MP scale AND a combiner then it has my attention. DONT FOR GET THE NEW KO VERSION OF GRIMLOCK THAT IS COMING OUT. He is about 30% larger than the original MP. I saw it at TF-Direct.
The thing about a large combiner is that at some point, the limbs start weighing so much that stability is a problem, not to mention posability. Even if all of that is taken care of, how long before the limbs start sagging?
Granted, I have none of these, but the gingaio has been looking at the various dinobot lines. Here's what I've gleaned from the TF boards and online reviews:

FT Slag--well-designed, but some QA/QC issues (I was a big fan of Quakewave, but I don't think this thing quite matches up quality wise).

TW Snarl--Nice G1 look, but things like the [easily] detaching tail, and the free-floating shoulder plates in robot mode are turnoffs for me.

FP Sludge--As usual with FP designs, looks kewl, but the thing can't hold its weapons all that securely (they flop around in the hand--major turnoff).

Planet X Swoop and Sludge--As far as being solid, clickety toys with simple and effective transformations, this line, based on what I've read, has been the best so far. Just really good quality stuff. However, aesthetically, it's kind of meh compared to all the G1 goodness out there.

GCreation Sludge--Coming out soon. Love the worshipping-at-the-altar-of-G1 look (transparent dino heads!), and the size is nice (10 inches). Could care less about the combiner aspect, and would rather do without it. Waiting for reviews on how it feels in hand, and if there are any niggling design things as with the above lines.

The gingaio can be picky, but there's a lot to choose from.

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I haven't been happy with modern TFs for a while, with the finnicky MPs, the underwhelming and QC-prone CHUGs, and the often questionable third-party stuff.

The gingaio searched far and wide not just for good dinobot toys, but for good modern TFs period. These two satisfy his idiosyncratic tendencies...sturdy (the ratchets may be a mite too tight on Sludge/Neptune), easy to transform, able to hold their weapons well, and of substantive size and material. Some of the best modern TFs I've handled, and with the news that Planet X is doing a Grimlock to round out the set, you can get a complete team by the end of 2015.

Design-wise, Sludge/Neptune's beefiness isn't my cup of tea, but I do dig the look of Swoop, and that of the upcoming Snarl and Slag.

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Speaking of Snarl...


The Fall of Cybertron designs may not be to everyone's tastes. That said, and as much of a geewun purist as I am, I'm digging these, mostly just on the quality of the toys themselves.
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