How do you properly remove joint from Transformer figures?

Posted by Marvin Lee 
I just bought the Target exclusive silver Knight to get the G1 inspired Yellow Chromed Grimlock. But after looking at it I want to remove the pins that hold various parts together then take the Grimlock apart and mix and match the parts I like to make what I feel is a better Grimlock. I want to use the FOC Grimlock arms and legs since they have more paint detail but with the Targets G1 Chrome chest. HOW DO I propertly remove these pins and how do I reinstall them t in look like it was never taken apart?
If those pins are the knurled metal pin type that are used on many Transformers (I don't have the toy), you need to be able to access both sides. The knurled part will be at one side of the pin only normally. Put the toy in a vise (use soft cloth to prevent damage). Use a hammer and some sharp kind of tool (screwdriver, piece of metal rod, etc.) to carefully tap the pin out, starting at the side that doesn't have the knurled portion (the knurled portion has to come out first).

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