Any hope for MP-10 where You don't get raked over the coals.

Posted by Marvin Lee 
I missed out on the TRU MP-10 and I was wondering if anyone knows if they are going to make another run of this figure. They did MP-01 like 3 different times but for some reason Takara hasn't made another run. I saw the stupid one with the stand but what I want is the TRU version with the blue Rollar. I was interested in the KO version especially since it's a bit taller but they haven't made one with a trailer and the KO version is aboit $30 more than the TRU official release. I'm hoping one of you kind souls who might have bought two one for each mode would be willing to sell or at least let me know if they find out if the OKO version will be coming with a trailer.
Not sure what the differences are, but aren't they doing a re-release in Asia? The preorders are up at the usual spots (BBTS, tfsource, etc.). Not as cheap as finding one at TRU, but then again, how hard was it to find at TRU anyway (and with the price of Prowl, I'm not sure how much it would be even if they did reissue it here).
Are the Asian version like the original toy release or will they have the TRU colors?
The Asian market exclusive is going to be a re-release of the American Hasbro/TRU version with the lighter blue. It does come with the trailer.

Preorders are priced at $160: TF Source, BBTS etc.

Thank you

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Thanks for everyone looking out. I saw where roller was blue but I wasn't sure if they just had an old shot of the TRU version. I've already put mine on hold. Wonder if they are going to have the hand fixed like the KO version which is going for $160.00 just by itself. KO prime will probably drop to $99.00 when that happens. Speaking has anyone opted to get the KO version of any of the MP stuff? With the exception of Sideswipe not completely saying Lamborghini. I can't tell. i saw the comparo of Prowl and even when they showed the differences I still couldn't tell. I really think it's funny to see KO versions of Fansproject Insecticons which were inspired by the Hasbro/Takara Insecticons. You know you are doing a good job when you're getting a knocked off version of your design.
What about Optimus' hand need to be fixed for the bootleg?

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No I heard that the Takara/Hasbro thumb would pop out and the KO version had a pin it it that fixed the problem. Also the KO version is about 1/4 taller or at least enough to notice when you put them side to side.
FWIW zero problems with my Hasbro MP-10's thumb. Starscream and Soundwave both lose fingers, though.

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