So is no one gonna talk about that damn movie? Or is it like Religion and Politics and better left unsaid...

Posted by Marvin Lee 
Well I gonna say it... Better than 2. (What wasn't.) On par with 3 and still stupid.


-All the Autobots were jerks with no redeeming qualities.
-Optimus Prime actually killed a human. (A bad human and justifiably so but still. Autobots would leave that to the humans.
-No Decepticons (Lockdown was a free agent.)
-Galvatron/Megatron- as in two-three a bit player.
-Had the humans graphically kill the autobots as they begged for their life. (I'm sorry but when self preservation comes into place this would -Have been a time where I could see a Autobot wanting to kill a human instead of just crying not to get killed.)
-No personality of any of the Autobots. (When Rachet gets killed I was like "Oh well." and you know Bay did it to get the sympathy vote.)

At least the first movie loosly played into the whole TF concept. Depending when you were looking at it it was part Bayformers, Lots and lots of Born Identity. (All the parts where they were in China.) and a whole whole lot of Ridley Scott Aliens (Everything on the space ships.)

With so many TF characters the only one most know about was Prime and Bumble bee. Even from a Bay standpoint Drift looked like he should have been in a different movie like in "The Wolverine" I hear they were kissing ass to get a strong Asian market "And they did" then why did an Asian inspired robot turn into a high performance Italian car?" Bugatti. Even as a Robot the words Bugitti stood out on his chest.

Did I like anything? Just two.

1. That they at least said that "Galvatron was created from the parts of Megatron" At least someone tried to put ONE nugget of the TF cannon in this movie.

2. The main military bad guy had an arm tattoo that said "Cobra"
Posted this spoiler faq in the other thread:

but that killed the thread so I figured people either didn't see the movie (like me) or didn't want to admit to seeing the movie. But yeah, a human-despising Prime sounds terrible. And then there's the whole dinobots, but not based on dinosaur scans, and then letting them wander off into the Chinese jungles or somesuch. I dunno, like I said, I didn't see the movie, and didn't get past the first 20 minutes of the second one, so I have a backlog.

And in a moment of weakness I still preordered that expensive amazon blu ray preorder with the statue of optimus riding grimlock. If I don't cancel it, I'm going to regret having that in my house, won't I...
Sanjeev (Admin)
It's weird to me to hear about a movie franchise so widely reviled...and yet, people still seem to continue giving these people money...
It's weird to me to hear about a movie franchise so widely reviled...and yet, people still seem to continue giving these people money...

Perhaps soon we will need Transformers-rehab clinics... :P

Sanjeev (Admin)

This movie is just about to break the $1 billion mark. So, yes, comparing it to a hard drug addiction seems fair. :P
Actually its more like a bad accident. You don't want to look and gawk but you just gotta. You have to see the carnage for yourself.

What was even worse is that in the first movie we were wowed at the way they showed the TF transform. Its what made them believable. In this one they didn't even bother with the human bots and just had them morph into different things. They explained it but I still thought it was a cheat, a way to do some easy CG.
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