UPGRADED OMEGA SUPREME...What cha gonna do Sanjeev?

Posted by Marvin Lee 
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wow...damn. Is $200 really the retail price for this set???

So I'd need this upgrade set, plus another $100 or so to get the Year of the Snake Omega that it's meant for...and then *another* $400 for their not-Metroplex that integrates with Omega's base mode? Chump change! ;)
That's IF you get through BBTS. YOTS Omega is going for more other places. My thing is that it is still ALMOST right. But it still a little off and the pics look like there are still parts missing. At $300.00 it should be right as hell.WITH ALL THE 3RD PARTIES OUT THERE WHY IS NO ONE IS TOUCHING THE MIGHTY OMEGA SUPREME?
Sanjeev (Admin)
I tend to agree...it's not *quite* there. And for that loot, it oughtta be. And all that says to me is to be patient and wait--I'm sure a 3rd party company will eventually get to Omega...

I mean, look how trendy they are. As soon as one company does a combiner, half a dozen others announce combiners. Often the SAME team! Or Hasbro does a cool Metroplex...another company has to do a Metroplex. It seems like they're trying to follow what's hot. Granted, someone did that dumb video game version of Omega Supreme...which was NOT followed up with anyone else's attempt at any version of the character. But I still think a G1-style Omega Supreme is inevitable...
I don't really understand that whole jump on the bandwagon thing. I love Predaking, but did we need three of them? Do we need two, maybe three sets of Headmasters? Headmasters for crying out loud. Choice is always good, but you'd think that you limit the market, because if someone already invested in parts of Predaking, are they really going to jump ship partway through? Your version better be really superior...

Of course, I think it's insane for Evolution Toys to do a Dynamite Action Godmarz when there's already a SOC out...
Sanjeev (Admin)
I know, right? Or the umpteen different versions of the mini cars. Wut.
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