(Third Party/Masterpiece?) Go-Bots/Machine-Robo

Posted by Supersentai 
It was only a matter of time, but here it comes...


Can't wait for Hans-Cuff or Scooter! P'yow!
I thought we already got a Masterpiece Cy-kill:


Isn't there also some super expensive toy of Machine Robo Jet/Fightor?
I had posted about that on the other link. I always liked cykill. His personality was very megatronish but the cartoon always had his arms move like bend it straws and that kinda killed it for me. There were also a few jumbo sized gobots if I remember correctly. Most go-vote sucked ass but consider their size and price some were pretty good. I had one that was an old military plane that transformed in to a rather cool robot.
I'm totally for new GoBots, but this thing looks almost nothing like Cy-Kill and is pretty (visually) over-designed. I'm not impressed.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah, I would've preferred a truer "Masterpiece" Cy-Kill, where they amalgamated the animation model with the original toy to come up with a nice compromise. Not something mostly different.
Yeah, gotta agree here. At first I thought that this looked really cool, but the more I checked it out, the more it looks like a TFC product. It's definitely not what I want to see in a "masterpiece" toy. I'm kinda over the whole "Classics" thing, so this definitely won;t fit in with where my collection is going,

More serious than thou
How about the Natasha-sounding bad-guy girl race car from the cartoon with big lips...anything stemming from the animated show should be smothered on sight:


Jeevsie, is this what you really want to see memorialized in toy form? The smiles...the smiles...oh the paiiin.
Sanjeev (Admin)

Perfect. Cartoon. Accuracy. Or just fuck it...

I want it to look like the damn toys, not the cartoon. Is that so wrong?

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Sanjeev (Admin)
I think we can all agree the cartoon designs were atrocious. I'm not a stickler for super-accuracy...like, the MP-01 was "close enough" to a trukk (not monkey) for me. Granted, it wasn't close enough for some people (named Andrew), but that's personal preference, I guess...

So my personal dream "Masterpiece Cy Kill" would be something very much like the original 300 series toy, just scaled up, with the diecast and chrome content preserved, and obviously with modernized articulation. And maybe a swappable face that looked sorta like the cartoon model (complete with 5 o'clock shadow!).
It's my understanding that the Not Cy-Kill is a prepaint for their version of Wreck-Gar and other Junkions. Which is why Cy-Kill looks so wrong. I love the idea, but I hate their result.
Now that you mention it, I do see far more Junkion in there than Machine Robo homage.
Well, that explains why it sucks.

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