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New Roadbuster (Dorvack Mugen Caliber) looks pretty cool, and like a good companion to Whirl (Dorvack Oberon Gazette) and Jetfire (Macross Valkyrie). Yeah! Takatoku lives! Well, not really.

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This is another pleasant surprise - TWO(!) modern mass-market Dorvack toys disguised as Transformers in the same year. I can't believe it. Though, I gotta say, Whirl turned out a lot better than Roadbuster. I wished they had stayed a little close to the original design.
Kinda feeling it the other way round. Chicken legs are pissing me off.

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Fansproject also has a "Warbot Revolver" toy that inexplicably turns Roadbuster into a Headmaster, but I kinda like the preview pics.

Also the Fewture EM Gokin Roadbuster repaint is already out, and the ES Gokin SD version is supposed to be out this month, but really with that line we'll be lucky if it comes out by June.
You're in luck: chicken legs on Whirl are reversible.

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LOL! The irony is that Hasbro-Takara-Tomy are ripping off on the Dorvack designs in the same fucking way the third party companies are ripping off on Hasbro&Co I.P.
Well the EM Gokin and ES Gokin at least are legitimately licensed, so it's not really the same situation.

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Picked up Whirl at Target a couple days ago. It's a really fun toy. I've been flying him around shooting up the bad guys since I took him out of the box.

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Yeah, Whirl is badass (and his unofficial gerwalk mode is cool too) ...first transformer I've bought in years...the recent generations releases have all been pretty tempting though....
I haven't seen Whirl or any new voyagers in a while. It's probably just the after Xmas lack of toy restocks, but with the movie coming soon I was a little concerned that it (and Roadbuster) would be one of those end-of-wave figures that becomes harder to find. Hasbrotoyshop has both Whirl and the similarly excellent Rhinox in stock (though to get to the free shipping threshold you'll have to add something else... maybe Doubledealer or the minicon team or something.

They never did bring over that Dorvack tank guy, huh? I wonder when we'll be getting Beetras/Deluxe Insecticons...
I got Whirl and Rhinox yesterday and I agree that they're pretty rad! I wish Whirl had more normal feet so he could stand up straight and not be forced to squat in every pose, but not a huge deal. Rhinox is cool, but you do have to put up with a little "slide the dumb flesh plates around" to get him into rhino mode. Also it's super weird that his guns are FLESH COLORED?? But otherwise, really neat. Looks good, quite poseable. I like them both.

P.S. With Whirl's robot mode, make sure you shove the arms in so that the shoulders "collapse" into the chest a little, or the arms will flop around and look dumb.

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Looking forward to actually seeing any of these. We've just started to see the latest Generations deluxes here.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Holy crap--I just watched a review of the new Whirl. Pretty fucking great. Kinda reminds me of something Shinji Aramaki might've designed.
P.S. With Whirl's robot mode, make sure you shove the arms in so that the shoulders "collapse" into the chest a little, or the arms will flop around and look dumb.

Oh snap! Thanks for the fix, I didn't even realize I was doing it wrong. The arms work much better now.

Thank you
No worries!

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Can't wait to find one of these, but I did find the new voyager Beast Hunters OP today. This is the "upscaled" larger legends toy, as opposed to the previous voyager release. A lot of people are bitching about upscaling these figures, but the mold changes they've made, along with it being a more truly toy-like toy, rather than a fiddly adult-oriented collectors item makes it very appealing. Transformation is nice and fast, without being too minimalistic. My one complaint is the lack of a neck joint. It's big, with nice clicky joints, though the plastic is light, I get more of the same feel I get out of buying Sentai toys.

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The new Whirl is pretty f-#$*@ing awesome. Well designed and produced, everything snaps together in alt mode, stable and secure in bot mode, and the toy as a whole is faithful to the original design. So in short:

1) More of a toy than a typical MP
2) Cheaper than an MP
3) More Showy/Toy-ey than a typical Classics
4) More QC-free and robust than a typical Classics

You hold it in your hands, and it's like a straight-up modern Ovelon Gazette or other 80s mech toy, minus the metal, but with the spirit and feel of the original. The effect is what things like SOCs and MPs are supposed to pull off.

This and YOTS Omega are the current survivors of my TF purge. And yeah, I'm eating my words on YOTS Omega. Not Showy in any way, but as its own thing, inspired by G1 Omega, it's a fantastic toy and much better/reasonably proportioned than the Genesis version.

Roadbuster isn't Showy/Toy-ey, but if it handles like Whirl, I'm in. Hell, I'm in just to finish off the pair.
I'm waiting for some Turdparty foot fix for Whirl. Reversing the legs is good, but the high-heel stance is awkward.
So Roadbuster turned out pretty well, it looks like...

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Man I can't wait for Roadbuster. On the bright side, it seems like Hasbro's been putting out some awesome voyagers and they're eventually readily available (the availability of deluxes seems to be hit and miss, who who knows if I'll see Rattrap), so I'm hoping this isn't a casualty of "too much movie stuff on pegs."

Also enjoying the scout level figures with Targetmasters... great size to go with your citybots. That Cosmos took me a while to find but is great. Of course, the stores around me still have FOC disks/tapes out on the pegs...

Finally opened Rhinox... I love the design, though his hips and knees are super floppy. Also, I was really worried about his floppy arms, until I read online that you have to pull them out or push them in until you hear a click, and then they're rock solid.
The postman brought me a box of "goodness" today. I'll touch on the two highlights pertinent to this thread.

1. The new Roadbuster. Not so good. For a $20 mass-market toy, I guess it does the job. As a pleasant transforming rowbutt action figure, not so much. If you see it in the store for retail price, you probably won't be disappointed. Better yet, if they have two, buy them both just in case one has shit quality control. (It will.) But whatever you do, don't pay a premium for it. You'll regret it. Here's why: plastic, paint, design, and QC are below par.

The plastic is just about as hollowed out as physically possible. It feels like an empty cardboad box shaped like a transformer and the waxy Keith's Fantasy Club feeling plastic quality doesn't help shake that feeling. I was honestly surprised by just how much of the toy's mass was sacrificed for getting it under a specific price point. Even the weapons are hollowed out. It looks atrocious on the rifle and feels absolutely knock-off cheap.

The majority of the figure is slathered in thick, thick paint rather than being molded in different colors. For example, it appears that the head was molded in green plastic and then painted orange and brown. It's excessive just how much this affects the fit and finish of the final product. Some parts will inevitably scrape paint when moving while others will not fit flush because of the added thickness of the paint apps. I can't see how molding parts in fewer sprues offsets all the extra paint applications. Maybe paint is really just that much cheaper than plastic these days?

The design looks like it was done by two different teams that never, not even once, communicated with each other. Functionally, the joints are a mess. The shoulders wiggle due to the transformation and the feet have no less than four seperate joints that refuse to cooperate with each other when a single ball joint could have accomplished more and better with less. The position of the rear wheels in robot mode means that Roadbuster will forever be splaying its hips out to the sides, never to stand at proper attention. Some of the joints have detents, but most are so loose that they flop around; because of how little plastic is actually used in the design there is no way to disassemble the joints to try to beef them up. Aesthetically, the thing is a mess of repeating parallel lines that looks like a shitty texture tool found in some CAD program. To me, it's the hallmark of lazy, terrible work and one reason why I eschew some particular 3rd party products. Also of note - the combining weapon system seems like a good idea with terrible execution. And the cab of the jeep/Madmax car mode is a huge amount of wasted space that is not even a little involved in the transformation.

Lastly, the QC is garbage. Because of all the paint used in making the figure, there are obvious touch-up brush marks all over some pieces in addition to uneven (too thin) paint apps, smudges, runs, and scrapes. And some of the detents are so loose the joints won't hold their own weight. The left shoulder on mine is as limp as grandpa. There's also some mold flashing left on various seams in addition to some poorly molded parts. Oh, and the colors and decals don't match the prototype for whatever reason.

If you have exceedingly low expectations, Roadbuster will be okay. I mean, they really fucking nailed the colors and head shape. But if you were expecting another Whirl, you'll be disappointed.

2. The new Rattrap. I picked up the Takara Tomy Waspinator some time ago and the Hasbro Rattrap seemed like a nice pairing to go with it. But the two couldn't be further apart. Waspinator was sturdy, simple, and fun. Rattrap is waxy, brittle feeling, overly-complex, hollow, and poorly designed. And the clear weapons are fucking stoopid. This is another figure everyone should avoid paying a premium for. It's a hot mess. The original Beast Wars Rattrap figure was sturdier and more fun. Bah.

Both of these toys were so disappointing that I cancelled my preorder for the Takara Tomy Jetfire. When I looked at the pictures I realized that thing is every bit as hollow and probably cheapy-feeling as the two lemons I got today. At this rate, the Thoid Pahty companies won't leave much market left for Hasbro aside from, say, Big Lots and impulse purchases at the Walgreen's checkout.
I'm still getting whirl but once I saw the roadbuster preview pics I hated it. How they did whirl so flawlessly and then completely effed this one up I will never know. This pair done properly could have been staggering together. Instead we get a skinny, lame lookalike with shitty QC. Look at how they screwed up the head and made the paint look like his face and neck all wrong (compare to an original roadbuster G1 face pic to see what I mean).

- Mike

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