New Jetfire Looks Cool

Posted by Ginrai 
I picked up the Takara Jetfire from HLJ. I'm happy with it.

Nothing really to add to the general consensus, though I would happily get in line for recolors or 3rd party add-ons.

Thank you
Cool. I may have to place an order for this guy (Takaratomy version).
Shit, they even scored the tailplane so's you can trim it down to be more "accurate". Amazing!

I got a wild hair and finally did it. With a hacksaw. It looks marginally better in rowbutt mode since the tailplane no longer juts out past the wings (though a tiny little microscopic edge of it peeks through at the bottom). But in Flugzeug mode it looks wildly better. Everything lines up just right.

By the way, Reprolabels popped out a set that lets you turn Mrs. Slutfire into a VF-1A Transformer. Not my thang, but still awesome.

Oh, and Generations Leader Class Megatron looks to be as equally good as Snarfire. Nice.
I picked up the Takara version of "Leader" Jetfire for a song (less than retail for the US version). Easily one of the most fun mass-market Transformers to come out in a long time. Transformation is simple enough, articulation is robust enough, power-up options are plentiful enough. The designers, while clearly forced to insert tons of hollow spaces for cost cutting, still managed to leave a lot of room for third-party folks to step up with add-ons.

Doods. Just substitute Weedeater Jetfleug above with any current Combiner Wars toy name. These things are stupid fucking awesome. Everything I said above applies the same. Somewhat cheapened by the hollow spaces, but more than compensated for by the simplicity, cartoonish-gee-won-ness, and chunky designs. Hell, they even added surface details to the hollow spaces in order to dress them up. They're fucking glorious in their scramble-shitty nostalgia.

The comics that they come with, on the other hand, are utter garbage. They drop the pants-shittingly awesome insanity of the original cartoon's robot alien gang-war madness for the pants-shittingly boring insanity of a robot gang war realized through "modern" and "gritty" scenes devoted mostly to politics. In other words, robots standing around talking about their elections and bi-partisan ccoommiitteess in something akin to the US Senate or House of Representatives. But, whatever. Apparently they get people interested in Transformers, which in turn leads to more toys, which in the current design climate is a pretty neat thing.

Seriously. If you - yes, YOU - haven't picked up a Combiner Warts Cunticon or Areolabot you need to go do so. Pronto.
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