Two Foot Tall Non-Transforming Scorponok is $550

Posted by Ginrai 
Well I was really excited about the idea of the two foot tall Sentinel version of Scorponok, even if it couldn't transform. I really wanted him to fight Fort Max and Metroplex. There's no fucking way I can afford $550 for it, though.



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Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah, saw that on BBTS. I dunno...$550 is disappointing, for sure...but in my mind, the fact that it doesn't transform is far and away the greater offense. I mean, it seems like *everyone* and their momma's dropping transforming robot toys nowadays. To make a 2' non-transforming Transformer just seems lazy. Even it were priced at half that, I still would pass. But that's just me...
Ecch. No thank you. Scorponok is a favorite, but this just doesn't hit any of my buttons. Non-transforming seems crazy for this to me - especially with how gimmick-laden the original toy is, it seems like this thoroughly misses the point.

More serious than thou
Give me a KO version of this 3rd party for about the price of metroplex and I'll bite. isn't it amazing that we can even consider the idea of a KO version of a 3rd party figure. We live in strange times.
The weird thing is, it's not like Scorponok's transformation is all that complex or anything.
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