Fellow Tboxers Help me design my new car into a real Transformer!

Posted by Marvin Lee 
Hey Guys,

I just bought a new 2012 Mazda 2 for me to travel on the road to and from gigs, so I really needed something that can get great gas mileage. It is a stick shift (The only way to go for a gear head.). As I was looking at the car I thought "It would be cool to drive around the country in an autobot." so I decided to include you guys in the decision.

For those of you who don't follow cars here is a pic:


I was looking at the car and I was thinking that this car would look like what I imagined a modern version of bumblebee would be. (Car brand loyalty not being a issue.) but my car is red and for a "B"segment car it's the best driving, handling car out there. (Based on my test drives of all the small cars out there and the car magazine reviews.) that made me think more on the line of Cliffjumper specifically the classics version of Cliffjumper.

So here is what I'm looking for. I want to give the car a TF theme where people will go... "Ah Transformer!" BUT I don't want a fanboy nerd over the top comic-con look overly graphic'd fast and furious look. I guess I'm looking for a subtle fast and furious look.

Color wise I was thinking of doing s subtle version of red on red or a type of silver graphic. Stripes etc are ok, or TF toy designs may be helpful. I might do a vinyl decal etc but I saw one that covers the whole hood of the car and that just looked tacky to me.

Also it doesn't have to be Cliffjumper, any small red Transformer autobot will be considered.

My 91" Turbo red MR2 has two small silver autobot emblems (About an inch and 1/2 in size on each side of the front fenders) which gives just a hint of Autobot-ness kinda like they did in the movies, small subtle badges.

I wouldn't do a full car wrap but wasn't there a deluxe class TF where the whole car had one large Autobot logo draped over the body? I think it was red or maybe black. I think it was a part of last years wave of Deluxe cars or from DOTM. I liked how up close it didn't look like the autobot logo until you stepped away from it.

i'll pick a winning design or a combination of designs and when I done I'll post the car on this site.
What is your budget for this? How "permanent" do you want this to be? How much of a Do It Yourself-er (D.I.Y.) are you? Are you artistic or even crafty? Have you ever put vinyl stickers/pinstripe on a car? Know how to take it off easily?

I'm a old gear head. I was teenager with a drivers license when the Transformers first came out. The toys are cool, but I have no affinity with the characters, story, universe, what have you...However, I've modified a few cars in my time and I think I can help out...at least point you in the right direction.
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