KILLER DAY FOR ME AT TRU!.. METROPLEX GOT IT! MP SOUNDWAVE Discounted! Used my 20% and cleaned up!

Posted by Marvin Lee 
I posted that TRU was giving a 20% discount. Today (9/21/13) was the last day for the sale. What I didn't know is that they were giving a 20% discount to club members and FRIENDS of club members. It was suppose to be on one item BUT the lady at my check out gave me 20% on everything I bought.

As I mentioned last time I found a MP Soundwave just sitting on the shelves and I broke my credit card and got it when the getting was good. Since I just got a 20% discount. I TOOK BACK my MP Soundwave and re-bought it for $95.99! (Reg. 119.99) I brought home an extra $26.64.I thought I was the only person to pull this crap but the lady at the other TRU said that a guy (see collector/Ebay hocker) had bought 4 MP Soundwaves so he pocketed $106.56. That's like getting that stupid Platinum Grimlock VS. Bruticus for free including tax.

Then I went to another TRU and found METROPLEX just sitting there on a shelf! WTF! (I was told that they just get 2 in at a time.) DAMN! I could have used my 20% coupon and gotten a better deal then I did by taking the Soundwave back. So I went home and looked at the coupon and found that anyone using the code FRIENDS20 would get 20% off of anything that was regularly priced. I then drove back to TRU and bought the Metroplex for $103.99!!! ($111.27 w/tax.) REG. $129.99. As soon as I got home I cancelled my order from BBTS. Sorry BBTS.

Then I picked up a Deluxe class Hoist. Both TRU and Walmart were selling it for $12.99 ($12.97 Walmart.) but with the 20% discount I paid $10.39. plus tax. I already had bought one from Walmart but I'm taking it back to get my money back. I can walk to Walmart in about 5 min. so it is worth it for me to take the extra Hoist back.

The last item I got was a Voyeger class Springer. This cost $22.99 at Walmart but $25.99 at TRU so the 20% discount wasn't as good but I got the figure for $20.79 so I saved about $2.50 not bad...

The last part is that TRU works like the DISCOVER CARD so you get points back on the stuff you buy, added plus.

So let me add this up (Not counting tax.)

MP Soundwave- $119.99 -20% $95.99
METROPLEX- $129.99 $103.99
Deluxe Hoist- $12.99 $10.39
Voyeger Springer- $22.99 (Walmart price.) $20.79

Total: $285.96 231.16

Total Savings for this stupid hobby...$54.80
Sanjeev (Admin)
Haha...take THAT, stupid hobby! LOL
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