I know this is a TF forum but Metroplex got me on this large toy kick and so.... 31" Darth Vader. Hell Yeah! at Walmart $29,99!!!

Posted by Marvin Lee 
I like Star Wars but gave up that toy insanity when I was 10 knowing it was way too vast to start collecting so I got into TF, that would never be a big toy line I thought back in 84.... But some times something so... so.... vast. comes across your way that you simply must have it! I think that is the case with the new Metroplex. Lets face it if he were the size of a voyager class he's be... just ok. But it's that 24" of size that makes the robot the current talk of the town. So Metroplex got me thinking about big toys and then I was strolling in Walmart and there in my face was Darth Vader. All 31" of him. I didn't even know about this toy (Probably because I don't do the Star Wars forums) but Damn this think is cool.

This figure is the MOST commanding figure I have ever had! You are drawn to the Vader. You feel the power of the Dark side "Sorry but I had to say it." I had it sitting on my car to show my son when he got off the bus and all the kids flooded around it! The kids on the bus hung out of the window and all were yelling Darth Vader. All for $29.99.

Go out and get this figure! Period! If you are on the fence get this figure and keep your receipt. This WILL BE one of those. "Why didn't I just pick that up when I had the chance" type of toys like the Target exclusive: Ultra Magnus/Skywarp or the Bruticus.

If you didn't know about it here is a youtube link: [www.youtube.com]

If I had one gripe it would be that the chest plate silver is a little too silver, but I'm trying to decide if that part is correct or not.
I nabbed the same Darth Vader at the Wal Mart as well... He is huge has 5 articulation points has great paint and cost $30.00....My nephews went nuts when they saw him standing in the corner....which at the size that he is I guess could be an action feature....Yes he is silly and huge, but so freaking what....Giant Darth Vader....
That's what I'm saying... Sometimes it's all about the hugeness, BUT even if it were a 15.5" figure at $15.00 it is still a well sculpted nice action figure. Fel9. Do you think the silver chest is accurate. I always thought Vader was all black but when I look back at some parts of the movie I'm no longer sure.
Meh do I really care...he looks badass...
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