Fewture Ultimetal 17" Prime w/cutaways

Posted by repairtechjon 
So, ..giggity! Not sure if I'd shell out the dough, but a pretty cool endeavor to make a 17 inch Optimus/Convoy, with diecast metal, remote control talking and light up gimmicks, and removable panels showing mechanisms, like the DX MazZ.


credit to the respective Festival bloggers doing the coverage of course!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wow! Well, I don't know how excited I can get for a non transforming Transformer...

But a two-foot-tall non transforming Scorponok is pretty fucking amazing!
HOLY SHIT TWO FOOT SCORPONOK. I AM ALL OVER THAT. Actually I am also kinda digging Spike and Daniel's Exo-Suit. Nice mistranslation to "excel" there, Japan.

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Is Takara just going crazy with the cross licensing these days because the 3rd party scene showed that people will pay a lot of money for renditions of classic transformers, or is that just coincidence? Because before the whole Roadbuster repaints of the ES/EX Gohkin stuff, I don't remember them allowing other toy companies access to their IP since the G1/Takatoku days, other than high priced hobby stuff like statues (though I may be totally off base here... are those candy toys made by a totally separate company?)

How long before an official Yamato Jetfire repaint comes out? Wait, Jetfire came out in Japan, right?
The candy toys are by Kayaba and Takara has sublicensed TF out a bunch of times. Jetfire did not come out in Japan. I doubt the third party stuff has much of an impact on Takara or Hasbro.

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Wait... Roadbuster was never sold in Japan either... so why are they doing a recolor of him?
Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm sure Taka-Tomy isn't worried, per se, by the growing 3rd party markets...but I'm just surprised they don't demand a cut, at the very least. Like, hire a few lawyers to issue some cookie-cutter C&D's...unless you fork over 5% or whatever. It's basically free cash for them...and it would allow these products to continue being made.

Anyway, these Fewture/Artstorm, CM's, and Sentinel releases are legit, so it's not like Taka-Tomy's averse to granting licenses.

But getting back to the products, the more I look at Katoki-Prime, the more I hate it. The Exo Suit's pretty groovy. And Scorponok? Well...I just don't know how good it'll look next to the original Fort Max mold. It seems like it would fit in better next to the new Metroplex. For a proper Fort Max nemesis, I think I'd rather have the G1 Scorpy blown up in size.
I just read some of the Tfw comments, and a good point made was that standard 3 3/4 inch figures, or those little-er Marvel figs would look really good with this 17 inch Prime.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Oh, interesting...so it's a true 1/18 scale Prime? At least the size makes sense then...especially given a lot of the TF x GI Joe stuff going on these days.

How long before we get a crossover movie??? :P
Man I already got Brave Maximus standing next to Jumbo Great Mazinger standing next to Diaclone Great Robot Base standing next to 2010 Unicron standing next to original Metroplex... I'm not too worried. I totally want a giant fucking Scorponok.

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I know this is already way past the scheduled release date (which is typical for the company) but how much was this Prime?

Hot Toys put up their classic Prime up for 350. That's a lot for a couple of non-transforming, break-the-bank Primes.
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