[At the Fansproject Office] Died and landed in toy heaven

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A couple of interesting vids. The guy who made them visited a contact in Hong Kong who apparently is a key figure in Fansproject. That man's office is stacked with toys. He could be on an episode of hoarders. Not just TFs here, but a lot of other Japanese robots, new and vintage.

Some of the Cantonse conversation:

Do you have toys in your house?
Have no toys at home, except for my son’s.

Question about how he finds stuff:
See it in the street, buy it.

Question about where he ships all this stuff:
I don’t sell this stuff. Sometimes I buy doubles and I don’t even realize it.

The last couple minutes of part 2 of the video touch on stuff we've been talking about, as far as comparing the quality of 3rd-party toys to official HasTak ones.
Very cool! Could maybe make an episode of Hoarders, but the office is more clean than anything I've seen on that show. ;P

In that part one video, about 7:15 to 7:30 minutes in, there is a green kinda Scopedog mixed with Tulcas (from Dorvack) tank/mecha thingy in the upper left corner...What is it? It reminds me about some toy line announced about two years ago (IIRC named something like "Heavy Rain") That had a couple transformable but realistic dune buggy and tank type things with 3A level paint jobs with heavy weathering. I so wanted to pick up that toy line, but all we had was a bunch of pics and no follow up. :(

EDIT: That toy line I described above is named "Acid Rain". It's designed by a Hong Kong artist named Kit Lau, goes by the name Skronex online. That toy in the first part video about 7:15 to 7:30 minutes in, is from this exact same "Acid Rain" toy line. It seems Kit Lau did the comic book artwork for the Fansproject City Commander instruction manual. But the last update for this toy line was mid-Jan 2012. Online store Robot Kingdom was to import those "Acid Rain" figures, but they don't have anything listed. So I'm guessing that green tank/mecha thing in that video was a prototype...I'm likely the only person interested in this toy line, so I'm just going to leave this here for the curious:


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Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm curious about that JM-like Devastator.

My tastes are simple. :P
Some more interesting vids from the same dude.

Transformers-centric toy shop in HK

Toys R' Us in HK with a shitload of MP Primes (just FYI, the dollars are in HK dollars)

Hot Toys Headquarters and other things
Some more interesting vids from the same dude.

That guy's just to breathy for me to sit through. His enthusiasm makes me exhausted. Then again, I can't bear most video reviews/reports. Anyway.

Segments of the TRU one were interesting. Over here TRU is mostly geared towards kids, so it skews heavy towards educational products, lower-end lightly-branded toys, and Legos. They do carry some Transformers, but it's miniscule, and usually a mix of Hasbro and Takara product. No MP stuff that I've seen. And those Hasbro/Takara products are all crazy expensive compared to the States. At most places (including TRU) a deluxe Transformer will cost around $25 and a 3.75" Hasbro action figure will run around $15. (By contrast, Legos seem to priced the same as the States.) The upshot is that if you like non-MP Transformers you can find almost anything you want very easily (including "exclusives") because that shit just sits on the shelves.
No lie, it looks like my basement, except nothing is displayed (just stored on shelves) and is almost all vintage. Pretty cool that the guy loves toys though.

- Mike

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Watching the Fansproject videos made me motion-sick. Damn, I hate shaky-cam!

Anyway, yeah, the dude's just a bit too excited about stuff--I randomly clicked on one of his Transformers 4 (movie) "updates" just to see what he thought. I couldn't stomach more than 60 seconds of it. And it had nothing to do with shaky-cam.

MSW, I think we talked about Acid Rain on the OT board at some point, but yeah, those designs are pretty neat. I just don't think they've actually come out yet.
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