Vehicon jet...could make a cool mindwipe

Posted by Marvin Lee 
I was just looking at the review of the vehicon jet and I kept thinking with a different head this figure could be mindwipe. It already looks batlike and the colors cheme is already there. P.S. Anyone get the ROTH Mindwipe/skystalker combo and was it worth it?
I used to have the combo of those two figures, and they were pretty neat overall. Nice color scheme and just generally well made. My one complaint was the silly blade thingies that Mindwipe had in his hands. It would have been much nice if they had found a way to engineer them so that they were removable and that the hands would then accept standard 5mm attachments.

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If you love the Mindwipe visual design, you'll love the toy. It's big, chunky, and simple, but well engineered. The blade gimmick is fun but his hands do look weird with the blades stowed. I personally thought it was just okay, not great. In contrast, I love the Skystalker - totally original, very alien robot mode, complex for a small toy, and lots of pleasing mechanical detail.

-Paul Segal

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