Deluxe Vehicon search. and found a FOC Shockwave

Posted by Marvin Lee 
I saw one once! But I was in a rush and couldn't get it and the next day it was gone. Haven't found one since and I've looked everywhere. I love that transforming Cadillac Batmobile! Anyone out there know of one sitting o a peg that you could pick up? I FINALLY located a FOC Shockwave. I hear they just put two of these per case too which makes since since I've seen several Jazz and Prime's. Currently there was one left if someone is looking for it. Would love to do a straight up trade.
won't let me open file.
Here in NY/NJ I have seen Shockwave all over the place. Every Target and Wal-Mart I've been to in the past couple weeks.

I have not seen a single Deluxe Vehicon.

-Paul Segal

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Shockwave is everywhere. I saw a Vehicon once only and was smart enough to buy it at the time. If I ever see another I will pick it up and see if anyone still wants one.

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