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VF5SS Wrote:
> Masterforce was pretty awesome that way. I mean
> what other show could make the Pretenders look
> cool?

The 1980s TV advertisements made me wish there was a cartoon which showed the Pretenders in action as shown in the ads...

Sanjeev (Admin)
gingaio Wrote:
> Oh, and to get back on track:
> []-
> transformers-40/masterpiece-convoy-version-2-trans
> formation-video-172628/
> Transformation seems pretty straightforward. High
> hopes for this one.

I came a little.

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MP-10 might come with Huffer?!
There's been a lot of speculation about that. Some say (not myself) it was just the designer having some fun, other say (again not me personally) it's going to be in the Hasbro version in place of the trailer (even though Hasbro hasn't even announced that they will bring MP-10 to the states).

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Does it bother anyone that the autobot symbol is on the wrong place on the trailer? I don't know if there is a "official" spot for it but I thought it was more towards the front... oh well.

As much as I love my MP-01, the trailer was about 70% as good as the figure. I have to give it up to the new MP-10. They finally made both modes perfect.I know the that I'll have to get the Japanese release to get the proper smoke stack height. Those new ones will not pass U.S. -gotta-keep-the-stupid-kids-safe- regulations. (Also did you notice that they even made the ends of the smoke stacks skightly beveled like the real truck and hollowed them out... MP-01 didn't even bother with this detail.

Now I REALLY don't know if I should get the MP-05 and accessory kit. Now I have high hopes that they will go back and FINALLY made a good Megatron. If that is the case I'd be getting MP-05 just for it's sheer bigness in gun mode, cause that robot mold looks like he's been on meth.

On what Sanjeev said about Cheats:

That's what always turned me off of Ultra Magnus. Making him look like Ultra Magnus was a cheat. I know that in the comics they made him as a white OP with armor. (Why would a robot need armor again?) but on the cartoon or I call it the TF gospel it wasn't armor but how he was suppose to look. I also like the idea of using the simplified Classics Deluxe to scale up the figure. Honestly with the seeker planes I went. "These are perfect with the exception of the nose cone hanging off the head." (The coneheads didn't have this problem.) Why not just scale these up? I think the answer is that if you pay a lot more for these TF I guess the people at Takara figured you'd want to be challenged more in the transformation process? For me this is the opposite. How can you make both modes as accurately as you can in as few steeps as you can?
> (Why would a robot need armor
> again?

because it looks cool

especially when it gets dramatically purged by damage like in Gundam 0080 :3

plus the idea was integral to the G1 toy so I don't see why it can't be a part of the character as well. The reason it was probably never in the show or comics was because kids might get confused if Optimus was replaced with an identical Optimus. It's not like the Decepitcon jets where it was established from the get-go that there were many of them.

With regards to the smokestack safety issue, why don't they just alter the eventual US release to have soft plastic smokestacks? It works for the big version of movie Optimus.
Did Ultra Magnus ever transform out of robot mode in the cartoon? I saw all of season 3 and the movie a few months ago and I can't remember him transforming to vehicle mode even once.

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he sure did
Cool! It must have been a pretty rare occurence. Did he ever carry any vehicle mode transformers in his trailer in the cartoon?

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Sanjeev (Admin)
I'd personally wait on MP-05. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if a 2.0 were already in the works...these toys seem to sell briskly. The MP-05 definitely looks methed-out in robot mode, but even the gun mode sucks: why would I want a replica Walther that's so damn oversized??? I just keep thinking how awkwardly big the thing looked in JoshB's huge meat-hooks!

Hopefully a Megs 2.0 will be a properly-sized gun...or at least closer to the real thing, while still maintaining a robot mode with the appropriate new height.

Anyway, I happen to love the Ultra Magnus toy design...regardless of how he was in the cartoon. I'm not particularly interested in the MP-10, but if they do another release of the same robot/truck cab, in Powered Convoy blue, along with the red/black/grey car-carrying trailer that could combine as armor to form a proper Masterpiece Powered Convoy, I'd totally throw down.
Sanjeev Wrote:
> I'm not particularly interested in the MP-10, but
> if they do another release of the same robot/truck
> cab, in Powered Convoy blue, along with the
> red/black/grey car-carrying trailer that could
> combine as armor to form a proper Masterpiece
> Powered Convoy, I'd totally throw down.

Ditto. I'd totally pay a premium for that.

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Scopedog Wrote:
> Cool! It must have been a pretty rare occurence.
> Did he ever carry any vehicle mode transformers in
> his trailer in the cartoon?

I don't believe so. He did carry Blurr once but he was in robot mode.

There were some storyboards for the movie where Ultra Magnus was going to show up in truck mode with some season 2 Autobots like Red Alert. They'd drive off him and transform to fight Devastator


some phat tweets from the designer I think

That MP-10 kitbashed with G1 Magnus parts is supposedly there to gauge interest in a real MP Magnus

and he's still bigger than Grimlock

clearly they did this to counter those 3rd party heathens

and one more for the transformation
Wow, the transformation seems pretty similar to MP-01. Thankfully the truck mode looks way better.

Edit: Sweet mines in my pile of loot right now!

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This is really cool.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []
WOW! It does look like it has a lot of playability to it. My MP-01 will still hold a place of honor but it does show you what 7 years of advancement can do. I don't think ANYONE here thought they could do better than the MP-01 even with the sacrifice to the odd cabin proportions. I only see two things that I'd add or correct.

1. I'd color the lights on the top of the cab like MP-01 but I wouldn't be in a hurry to do so and

2. Roller IS THE WRONG color!!! Why such an obvious mistake, just like the MP-01 gun. I had to swap my JP version with the American release to get the right gun then they stick some stupid blue on the stock, why!!!!

If they do release this in the U.S. the stacks will be shortened but maybe they will do a correct roller.

Do you think that 3rd party roller that turned into a robot will work for this scale?

I'd really like to see a line of the human characters as they fit to this scale. Meg might get a Dr. Arkeville (GOD will they EVER do a good Megatron...lets hope.)

Who were the human characters:
The Wheelchair smart guy
Dr. Arkeville

then later:
Milisa Fairborn
and a real cool nod to the fans would be "Old Snake"
I wonder if those Imposable toys mini Spike and Spark plug are the same size as MP-10 Driver spike.

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> 2. Roller IS THE WRONG color!!!


man you guys are actually excited. everyone else hates MP-10 cuz it doesn't fit with their CHUGGERS
Weren't there a few re-issue Primes with silver rollers?

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First US Optimus release had gray Roller. Later versions had blue. Roller was gray on the cartoon as well. The 15th Anniversary reissue Convoy and most of the other reissues (including Encore) had gray or silver Roller/Buggy.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []
I stand corrected. When I had my original prime back in the day roller was blue and I've never know it to be anything but. Funny I would have put my hand on the Bible and swore it was blue on the cartoon as well.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Tom, I think those Improbable Toys Spike/Sparkplug figures are supposed to be Diaclone driver-sized (1"), while the Spike that comes with MP-10 is bigger (hence the added articulation). Plus, MP-10 is just way bigger than the original Convoy in general, so I doubt their respective drivers would match up. Anyway, as mentioned before, I'd LOVE to see this recolored in Powered Convoy colors and come with a new (bigger, more articulated) Diaclone driver! Hey, I can dream, right??

Now...dare I ask what a "CHUGGER" is???
CHUG is the new dumb fan shorthand for Classics Henkei United Generations. Basically all of those Neo-G1 toys. Hey maybe they should call them Neo-G1 cuz that actually kind of let's people know what you're talking about :v

then again this the same fandom that thinks GESTALT and SEEKER make sense
What I can't wait for is the MP-10 12" version that I'm sure someone will knock off!
Sanjeev (Admin)
"CHUG", huh? Well...whatever. I don't get that heated about dumb terms like "gestalt" and "seeker" long as I know what the fuck the terms mean. I like "neo-G1" much better, myself...

But why are all these kids heated about it??? There's already a Classics Prime.
I agree, I'm sure if you went to Transfan and started talking about Chogokin-this, and Popy-that or that your a Jumbo Machinder fan, they'd think you were talking bout flowers or a pervert.

Anyways I can't wait to get that Prime and in a strange twist of fate it's now actually cheaper to buy from say BBTS than from a store in Hong Kong or Japan because of the insane shipping fees and currency exchange.

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chen Wrote:
> I agree, I'm sure if you went to Transfan and
> started talking about Chogokin-this, and Popy-that
> or that your a Jumbo Machinder fan, they'd think
> you were talking bout flowers or a pervert.

Except you can actually google those things and get relevant results that explain them. CHUGGERS isn't going to come up pretty.

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Just got mine, first thoughts

The cab on the truck mode looks much better than MP-01, however the back side (trailer hitch area) looks really strange.

The energon axe is shit. It's not made of the same material we've been seeing in all the preview shots. It's a rubbery piece of PVC shit. It's not even all that transparent.

Roller, neat, we got a roller. He has a few tricks, he can haul the trailer and hold Prime's gun.

Transformation is quick and easy, it's nice to see some simplicity come back to the MP line.

MP-10 is smaller than MP-01 but it's still a rather large toy.

the gun kinda sucks.

Overall I love this thing, it's made well and feels very sturdy, I'm not holding my breath every time I transform it.

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Mine arrived today as well. (How did it not take BBTS another 2 months to get this in stock? Wowsers.)

-- Yeah, the axe sucks. Rubbery and opaque. I'll likely chuck it.

-- The gun sucks as well. Mine usually doesn't want to collapse or stay that way. Maybe there is some trick I've yet to figure out. It is cool to be able to store it in Prime's back, but I'd have been happy with a solid non-folding piece. Prime does look good wielding it; I guess that's what counts.

-- Roller is cool. I like the ability to tow the trailer. The small panel that unfolds to allow Roller to hold the gun has a poor-fitting snap-in hinge. That would be my only complaint for Little Six-wheels.

-- Transformation still gives me a few little hangups here and there, but nothing annoying and probably just a matter of learning some finesse.

-- Can't decide yet if I like the little Spike figure or find it utterly superfluous.

-- This toy should have had light-piping for Prime's eyes. That would have been fucking gorgeous.


Otherwise, this thing is nothing but gravy. Very solid, endless poseable. Even the trailer is sexy and fun.

This Prime blows MP-01 away like it was some nameless 'Con in an early Marvel issue. And does it equally well in both modes. This despite having a flippity-floppity folding rifle.

Is it even better than MP Grimlock? I... don't yet know. Equally awesome, then? Probably.
I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about MP-10 now that it's out. Anyone else pick one of these up? Thoughts?

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it's expensive and people already have a Prime
Wish I had an extra $260 right now. I'm a "gotta sell to buy" guy and I'm running out of things it doesn't hurt me to lose.

More serious than thou
It's not like it's the *first toy* in this hobby to break the $250 barrier.

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Also not a whole ton of big Transformers fans here. We've got a dedicated small group who would spend chogokin money on a Transformer.

More serious than thou
Received my MP-10 yesterday and I love it, I'll post pics later but yeah it is expensive but it makes MP-01 look dated and clunky and the iGear Prime look like a very cheap knockoff. I'm not sure if it's worth the price for casual fans but for me I'm happy I have it and I think it's the best version of G1 Prime ever. Also my pet peeve of the tiny Laser Rifle was fixed when I realized MP-10 can hold MP-01's gun securely and looks awesome doing so.
Ah-hahaha wow! Thanks for mentioning that, Chen. You're right, MP-10 does look great with MP-01's hand-cannon. Nice grip as well.
The other night I carefully removed the light-blue paint from the MP-01 rifle. Also reversed the green gem in the end of the barrel and painted the flat side black for depth. When it's placed in MP-10's hand the result is perfect. The floppy folding rifle has been tossed aside and now I couldn't be happier with this new Prime.
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