LOCATED 4U: Special Ops Jazz. 3 Tracks available too.

Posted by Marvin Lee 
Ran across two Special Ops Jazzes at the Target near the movies tonight so I grabbed them both. They also had three Tracks but I couldn't remember if Tracks was on someone's wish list. If you want any of these let me know ASAP.

I'm headed to the Post Office tomorrow and it closes at 1pm and I'd like to get any request off. S&H Priority is about $5.25-$5.50 plus the cost of the item. I don't need to get paid until you get the item so that you know the real S&H. Also go ahead and send me your Post office address so I don't have to ask for it. All I ask is that you pay me back via paypal and list it as a gift so that I don't get hit with a fee.

Also I'm going to visit one more store before I go to the Post office so please include any other TF Deluxe vehicles that might be out now and I'll just send it along too so that you can save on your S&H.
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