LOCATED 4U: Generations: Scourge.

Posted by Marvin Lee 
Found Scourge at a Walmart in Tifton, Ga. (Where I got my Kup.) I just picked it up if someone is looking for it. As always I just want my money back and the actual S&H. because I'm just doing this to help out my fellow BBS'ers on the TF blog. I'd rather get paid as a PayPal Gift asI was paid before.

I'm starting to call finding TF for others LOCATED 4U as a little subset topic on this BBS. so people will see that and know that there is a TF that has been located for others on this site.

I believe this last wave will be harder to get because of TF3 coming out and the shift will go back to the "Bay... yuck...former"
Marvin, as our official wandering toy finder, we thank you mightily!

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I would totally like to get the Scourge from you. PMed.

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I JUST took it back to Wal-mart about 2 hours ago. Hit me back ASAP and I'll run back out and get it if it's still there. Wal-mart is only about 3 miles away but it is a popular one so let me know ASAP.
I got Mr. Beard and Pink Fingernails today! Marvin is a stand up guy! Thanks very much!

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Ginrai Wrote:
> Marvin is a stand up guy!

I can vouch for that!

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aw shucks....

I fear that Wheeljack and Warpath are going to be a bitch to get regular wise. They are already going for $18.00 to $35.00 on Ebay. The best thing about a new TF movie is that it saves on my Wallet since I don't buy Bayformers.


After every TF movie comes out they re-cycle figures from the previous movie and just add a different gun or something, maybe a different paint scheme but sometimes not even that. It's just the same figure with the new movies card attached.

My point is:

It wouldn't surprise me if Target re-released Bruticus with the new movie. It's an easy cash cow OR maybe Walmart would get it as a Wal-mart exclusive and have it say " Bruticus Dark side of the moon" only at Walmart. The mold has already been used two or three times.

I hope, I hope, I hope....

Maybe I should save up and go and get my FP add on just in case.
Marvin Lee Wrote:
> Maybe I should save up and go and get my FP add on
> just in case.

Let me just say that the figures are awfully nice by themselves if you can stomach the "custom" figure prices. IMO it was worth it from that standpoint alone, but to get all the extras with it was very nice.

More serious than thou
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