New Deluxe class TF, a fight with a scalper, $7.99 TRU sale and looking out for Fujikuro's back!...A taudry tale of revenge at the toy isle!

Posted by Marvin Lee 
Hey Guys,

As I have mentioned before I live LESS than 2 miles from the TRU in Birmingham so it is very easy for me to pop in there from time to time to see what's out and new. Last Thursday I took my son who I'm grooming to be the next TF generation of fan. We go in and there on the shelf are two Transformers Generations KUPs (Love the new design buy the way) Anyway my son LOVES TF the movie. (The real one from '86) and knows all the characters, instantly knew the KUP character and wanted the figure. I didn't have my wallet with me at the time so I told him I go back later on that day and pick one up IF he was a good boy and cleaned his room. (His 5th birthday was that weekend anyway so what's an extra toy between the both of us. He did as I asked and I went back to TRU to get the KUP figure.

Both KUP figures were gone AND the TRU people told me that scalpers came and got all the new stuff... WTF! So I had to tell my 5yr old son "too bad" I DON'T LIKE BREAKING PROMISES TO MY KIDS. What I found out is that every TRU has a secrete delivery date that they don't mention because of scalpers. The TRU here happens to be Thursday. (The same day I took my kid last week when we found the KUP figure.) There is this particular scalper that EVERYONE at TRU hates because he hides stuff and hordes stuff. He was even reported to have pushed a few customers and snatch stuff from there hands!... So I'm starting to get a picture of the soap opera that happend at TRU from 10am to 12 noon.

This is war! I'll be ready next week.....

Next week was today. My son has to be at Daycare at 9:30 so I was at TRU in plenty of time to be there when the doors were open. Sure enough they had some people waiting but I didn't know who was a scalper and who was just a customer UNTIL the doors opened. The two scalper were actually racing each other to see who could get to the "goods" first. Being a tall Black/Latino man I guess they didn't figure me as a TF nerd so they hit the sports stuff first. I grabbed all of the new stuff that was out BUT ONLY the stuff I didn't already have with the exception of Special OPs Jazz which I already have (More on that in a minute.)
The jerky scalper came around the corner and saw me with all the TF I had and wanted to Shit a brick. (Did I mention that the deluxe figures are still on sale for $7.99!) I could tell that he thought about grabbing something from me but at 6'2" and 215 lbs he thought better of it. The employees at the TRU checkout actually laughed and said "I'm glad you got that stuff before HE did, if you were a little smaller he might have actually tried to grab it from you."

So because of his greed and hording all the stuff last week he had made an enemy who is just 2 miles away.


Enough of the tale of revenge and now on to the deal:

Today I bought:

RTS Wreck-Gar
RTS Preceptor
and RTS Jazz for $7.99 each!

I also have a TRU coupon that starts tomorrow that that takes $5.00 off any purchase of $25.00 or more and the lady at TRU who was laughing at the scalper told me to bring in everything tomorrow and she'll re-sale it to me so that I could use th $5.00 coupon. (They hate that scalper THAT MUCH that.)

Because I will only get TF that I don't have I don't feel like a scalper but I already have a Jazz so I got him to piss off the scalper BUT on a previous post I made: (Vote for your favorite Generations figure.) Fujikuro said that he has not been able to get his hands on a RTS Jazz so I also picked it up for him. Trying to take care of my fellow BBR'ers here.

So Fujikuro I have the figure here for you for $7.99 ($8.70 w tax.) plus what ever it actually cost to send it to you.

Helping a fellow BBS'er find a figure they are looking for...great
Doing so and getting a good deal at the time.... better
Helping my fellow BBS'ers get the TF they are looking for with a good price AND having revenge and pissing off a obnoxious scalper at the same time...priceless!


If Fujikuro doesn't want the figure I'd really like to trade it for a ROTF Lockdown or Animated Blurr. Now that the repaint of Lockdown Axor is considered as past of the RTS line I figure Lockdown should too now I can't find one. I passed on both of these figures because I hate most of the ROTF figures and ALL of the Animated figures with the exception of Blurr because Animated Blurr LOOKS fast unlike the Generations Blurr.


If there is any TF figures that any of you want me to pick up while they are still $7.99 please let me know.

Here are the ones that I know are on the shelf at TRU as of this morning:

RTS Bumblebee (like the old mold with the movie black and yellow design) 2 left
The new Deluxe Optimus Prime (which I hate.) 2 left
WFC Megatron (I really started to like this figure) 2 left
WFC Soundwave (I'm on the fence on that one) 3 left
Thunderwing- Plenty
Generations Red-Alert- 3 left
RTS Terradive- plenty left

Let me know. Sales ends this Saturday!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hahah...awesome story!

I can't believe this is seriously that big a problem. Crazy!

When the MP Grimlock finally came out in TRUs, I just called around to the different stores nearby when I couldn't find one at the closest one. Guess the scalpers missed it. ;)

And on behalf of fujikuro, good looking out. It's great to hear when TBDXers got each other's backs.

Great story! Did the scalpers fit the greasy neckbeard stereotype? I've never observed a scalper in the wild.

I want YOU for MoƩ Sucks Army
Amusing story.

Perhaps it's time that real-life stores also implement "no more than X toys per customer"-rules.

Although I'm a bit disappointed that he didn't try to snatch the toy from your hands and got something else in return...

I still never ever ever saw a MP Grimlock at a store here, only at fucking toy shows. Grr. Anyway, I would like to find a Classics Wreck-Gar, but I have never seen one anywhere. Scalpers?

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []
I got the wreck-gar sitting right here. I always wanted one back in the day. Perceptor looks very good too. I haven't opened any of them yet just in case I need to have look right to exchange them and re-buy them and take the additional $5.00 off. Around X mas there were plenty of Grimlocks here (At least 6) I figure no-one is thinking about popping for a $60.00 toy for their kid that relates to people 20 years ago.

The scalper in question was short and dumpy live at his momma's house type whiny type which is what everyone is probably already thinking. What was surprising is he had to be in his late 50's and he didn't just go after TF stuff which tells me he probable has a comic book store etc. out in the sticks somewhere where he can charge a premium.

I mentioned to Sanjeev awhile back that I think we need a alert notice where people can say "I'm looking for X can you gius help me out" or if we know there is an item that is hot or rare we can go "Hey I saw a X and there were a couple on the shelves who wants one. As long as we're doing it in the spirit of helping out each other I think that could be a great service to each other. I don't know if it should have it's own topic like the market because personally I don't visit those parts as often.

So, I'm looking for a ROTH Lockdown or Animated Blurr anybody seen one gathering dust at your local spot?

Adding to the TRU $7.99 Deluxe is: a lot od Skullgrins. This figure is sooo much better than Darkmount and at $7.99 you will kick yourself for not getting this one.
Hey man, I have a Jazz on order from Hasbrotoyshop already, so it's a bit late, unfortunately. However, if you are in the neighborhood of that place again, I really could use the Perceptor and Wreck-Gars. Thanks much for thinking of me!

More serious than thou
Sanjeev (Admin)
Marvin Lee Wrote:
> ...he
> probable has a comic book store etc. out in the
> sticks somewhere where he can charge a premium.

Very likely...unless he scalps them online.

> I mentioned to Sanjeev awhile back that I think we
> need a alert notice where people can say "I'm
> looking for X can you gius help me out" or if we
> know there is an item that is hot or rare we can
> go "Hey I saw a X and there were a couple on the
> shelves who wants one.

I still like this idea. I think it'd probably make the most sense to put in on the Market board, but since I have a feeling that this idea will apply 99% to Transformers, we could just make THIS thread the sounding board.

Are people down with that idea?
Well fujikuro I'm glad you got one coming, still glad I pissed off the scalper, so now the Jazz is an open invite to whoever needs one. I got Scourge last week as a pure fluke, someone was returning it and I asked to get it. The timing needs to be just right on the Wreck-Gar and Preceptor but I plan on visiting TRU two or three times before now and Saturday (when the $7.99 sale ends) just in case they put out some new stock on some new items.
Unfortunately, the nearest one to me is a good half hour away from my workplace or house. I get out there only about once a month. So, if you do see either of those, I'd be most beholden to you for grabbing them for me. I may cancel my order with Hasbro, as they've had my order just sitting there for 4-5 days now without shipping it. I'll let you know how that goes.

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I went to and they list Jazz as "Sold Out" so I don't know if you had yours ordered before that but let me know because I'll probably return Jazz for something else next week or so.
Yup, I'm going to try cancelling it tomorrow. You have to call their customer support line, unfortunately.

More serious than thou
The scum of the earth scalpers are the ones who buy the items, then if they don't sell return them before the return window expires. I have no idea why companies don't track excessive returns.

No, I take that back, the scum of the scum of the earth guys are the ones who buy toys, open them, then return them with some cheaper toy in them. But I guess they aren't technically scalpers.

I don't understand why people scalp Transformers unless they're the first type I described above. Nearly all Transformers are eventually pretty widely seen. There are the rare cases where one line is ending and another one is beginning where stuff gets rare, and there are exclusives (like Animated Arcee, which I have never seen, or Masterpiece Starscream) and stuff that stores decide not to stock (like that Legends scout wave that I have likewise never seen) but otherwise most of the stuff gets around. I guess Hasbro is releasing a ton of waves recently, so some of these might be rare, but still.

You're lucky you have a TRU that's restocked. There are no classics at my local TRU, only endless waves of older movie deluxes and the like. Masterpiece Grimlocks, even at the high pricepoint, I only saw once. In fact, TRU has seemed to simultaneously raise prices (except for sales) and stopped stocking new things.

One more thing... just thank your lucky stars that you don't collect Hot Wheels. I swear, 99% of the morning crowd is there for Hot Wheels.
I'm looking for Perceptor, Wreck-Gar, Kup, and Jazz if ya got em :D
Marvin Lee Wrote:
so now the Jazz is
> an open invite to whoever needs one.

I'd take it if it's not claimed. Let me know.

And good story. I think part of me would love to scrap with a scalper in the aisles of a toy store.

I appreciate the notices about the TRU sale. The closest one to me is about 35-40 minutes away so I don't get there very often.

Thank you
Sanjeev (Admin)
fujishig Wrote:
> No, I take that back, the scum of the scum of the
> earth guys are the ones who buy toys, open them,
> then return them with some cheaper toy in them.

Aww...this move's classic, though! My buddy needed a new graphics card for his computer, so he went to the store and bought the absolute BEST joint available, brought it home and installed it...and tossed the old one in the box and returned it for a full refund! Hahaha...can't front on that!

> I don't understand why people scalp Transformers
> unless they're the first type I described above.
> Nearly all Transformers are eventually pretty
> widely seen.

Well, I get this impression that Transfans are REALLY impatient about shit. There seems to be a bit of a nerd hierarchy when it comes to who-has-what-first. Apparently, you're a "bigger" fan (i.e., your dick's bigger) if you get the toy first.

I presume that's just a vocal minority, of course...but that "minority" segment is likely large enough for scalpers to take advantage of.
I've just run into enough times where a toy is just flat-out not available. I couldn't get a MP Starscream, couldn't get the HA Mudflap, never saw the legends lines that had Cosmos in it, and these are the obvious problem Transformers, but I've had trouble getting many of the newer toys, period. I saw Axer once at a local Walmart. It hasn't shown up in the area again that I am aware of. I do hit most of the stores in the area about once a week, though TRU is harder to get to. I'm just in a bit of a dead area for some of this stuff. So, I often have to assume that the one time I see something will be the only opportunity to buy it without scalper or BBTS prices interfering.

More serious than thou
Classic story of nerd toy drama in the aisles. Love it! Thanks for documenting it Marvin.

I guess I'm the opposite, being spoiled for TRUs, WallyMarts, and Targets a'plenty around me. I drive over at least a 1 1/2 hr. radius from the shop everyday, and between work, and home, there's at least 4 or 5 TRU's in easy stopping range, ....and I just don't. Maybe once every couple months now. And I almost always see all the stuff people gripe about. I'll keep more of a list on board, so I don't just assume everybody sees all the same stuff I see.

Not too many aftermarket, small shops around, so I guess the scalp issue is not as bad here, since with so many stores, there's little point. There are lots of little toy/train shows, and flea markets, but the quantity seems too low there to cause a retail shortage.

Just bug me if you're looking for something, and I'll stop around as I go.

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Heh. Glad to see at least one scalper foiled, if only once.

Honestly, the TF secondary market depresses me. I've been collecting for ages, but recently the price has really made me question sometimes just what one figure or another is worth to me - usually when I see things like certain scout-class figures going for twice as much some voyager-class and such, just 'cos they've all been eaten up and become popular through 'rarity'.

The other thing is that pre-orders are getting totally brutal these days. I set out recently to find out how I could get a Generations Warpath (the old G1 Warpath was my first TF ever, so it would have... sentimental value), and every pre-order I see is either 2-3 times the proper retail cost of his size class, sold out, or probably both. Hopefully he shall be among the lucky ones that eventually appear in droves, and show the must-have-now types that their money really just went towards some kind of 'early bird' posturing?

Perhaps it's just my ill luck for not having a car and living near U.C. Berkeley, where there's not a chain store or other major toy shop to be seen for miles.

On the plus side, I like Power Core Combiners. Seeing as the rest of the fandom can't seem to get rid of them fast enough, I don't think I've paid full price on more than two of the sets I own. Now if I can just convince all the other fans to stop making fun of me for it...
= ^ w ^ =;;;
I don't have to be the first one on the block to get a new TF. I actually prefer to be in a Walmart, Target etc and see something new and go "Hey the new ______ is out." That's what I did with Terradive. I just saw it and grabbed it. Now that figure is EVERYWHERE! For me I won't pay over retail $9.99-$11.99 for the deluxe class figure, But it seems like some figures they make a TON of the blue chevy Bolt from the ROTF is still everywhere, now skullgrin and Thunderwing and WTF Soundwave, and red alert are everywhere. On the other hand when Hound and ravage came out I only saw one at TRU (which I bought) and have NERER seen that figure at Walmart, Target or anywhere other than Ebay. I'd be curious if someone had production numbers on what figures get produced in what quantities. Some like OP and Meg are a given but how do you determine how many Jolts to make? Obviously they made too many.

The big rush for me lately is that TRU is having a $7.99 sale and offering a $5.00 coupon on purchases of $25.00 or more and the new line is just coming out so really it's just a "All the stars are in alignment" to get the newest stuff at the cheapest price. That plus Walmart and Target are not getting in any new stock of TF for the past month and for once their prices are .11 cents MORE than TRU (when does that ever happen.)

Fujikuro you mentioned that you want to cancel your order at Hasbro but you didn't say that you wanted this Jazz I want to make sure because there are someone here just posted that they were interested the in Jazz.

I know where there is another Axor at another of my local Walmarts. I'll check today to see if it is still there. The cost will be $11.99 + .09% tax and true S&H so let me know.
Between the scalping and the lousy distribution of new figures, has soured Transformers lately for me. I'll ALWAYS love Transformers and will continue to get toys of them but now I've come to this point where I only want very specific figures but if I can't find them then it's not worth going after them. It's been SO much easier to get the latest figma or revoltech than it has TFs.

I still want one lousy Insecticon. Maybe I'll check my TRU next week.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
I understand what you mean about buying it when you see it... I do that too because I never know when something will be rare (like the aforementioned Hound, which I, too, only saw once). It's why I bought the Wreck-gar wave at Target when I saw it, even though Target retail price for deluxes stink.

I live in Socal, which is pretty much scalper central. In addition to the ebay scalpers, there are stores in the two closest malls that I call scalper stores, because they have wal-mart exclusives (this is also why the walmarts around here stink). Add to that Frank and Sons, which is like the den of scalpers. In college, before I had a car I used to go to the only comic shop in walking distance. I will always remember the day I realized scalpers were abundant here, when I was in there one day and their minions came back from a TRU morning run, bragging about their haul of Toybiz pre-Legends Marvel toys.

Still, transformers are in much better shape than the majority of the other toys I dabble in. I don't think I've seen a new wave GI Joe for a few months now, the pegs are clogged with ice-Destro. The Marvel Universe stuff is kinda hit and miss... I see a lot of some waves, but have never seen most of them. And don't get me started on the DC Classics... even online-only stuff seems like scalper central, see the next time Matty Collector has a new He-man toy up for sale and the site goes down for an hour, coming back up only after the supply of the hot figure is exhausted.

Vincent, I hear you about being able to get foreign toys easier than domestic toys. But as a Figuarts collector, it's hard to get those too... preorder windows are notoriously short now, presumably because of lowered production runs. And buying import figures, we're used to the kinds of markups (which include shipping) that we scoff at for domestic figures. Add to that the proliferation from Bandai of online exclusives...

edited to add: Also, I'm not exactly sure how the ordering on these figures work, but it seems like Transformers is juggling 4 different lines (Universe or whatever it's called now, Reveal the Shield, Movie, and Powerlinx), 3 of which have deluxes in the same size packages competing for the same space. I just hope the rest of the lines I care about (the first 2) come out before the onslaught of the next movie and the Transformers:Prime figures. Otherwise I think we'll see some of those being rare (like maybe the second Junkion).

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Ok I think the Stars are now out of alignment guys. Nothing new has hit the shelves or been returned since Thursday. I leave early for Florida tomorrow so unless I run into a TRU on the way. (I'm sure I will.) I don't think there will be any more Preceptors, Scourges, Wreck-Gars or Kup (which is what I keep going back to get.) for $7.99. I'll still pick these up I'f I see them after the sale but they will be the full $11.88 price.

Sorry guys....

Fujikuro claimed the Jazz and I went back and picked up the LAST Axor that I have seen in ANY Walmart. Fujikuro you mentioned that you haven't seen one in months so I need to know if you want both figures before I mail out Jazz. If you want to pass let me know that too.

I have a Axor for anyone looking for it if Fujikuro passes on it,, same deal I just want what I paid for it and the cost it will take to ship it to you.


I have found that if you go to a poor area or out in the boonies you tend to find the stuff that gets "gone" everywhere. Scalpers/collectors just don't hit those places.
Hey, not interested in the Axor myself. The mold is great, though, guys. So, though it's not Lockdown, you will have fun with the transformation.

Thanks for the help with this again!

More serious than thou
Cool discussion. Glad some items made it home. The lines have boggled and confused me a bit, so hadn't been up on the perceived rarities.

Gotta ask, does this kind of temporarily helpful (depending on releases) conversation go on much on the TF sites threads? The comments I hear about the rabid, impatient, but cheap, fan base, leads me to think, "NO"?
I opened up the Wreck-Gar today and a great figure! I never had the original but was getting too old for TF when they came out (You know that I'm not a kid stage.)With the exception of the bike alt mode the old one really sucks to me. This with the exception of the tire not locking in securely on the left arm which clearly it is designed too. Hasbro doesn't officially say it locks in so I think they just gave up on making that work right. Wreckgar is probably one of the most movie correct designs I've seen. It amazes me how the technology has advanced since wave 1."

Also this one comes with that New "I pissed off a scalper" smell to it. (Fujikuro's Jazzshould have it as well.)

I was hoping that the Junkions would have different parts besides the different head that's coming. Having different places to move the wheels, torso and color schemes so that way you could create a limitedless amount of different Junkions while using basically the same mold like what they did with Sideswipe/Sunstreeker and Tracks/Wheeljack. I also miss the spikes that the Junkions had in the movie. The Lockdown/ Axor with a Junkion color scheme and a different head sculpt could make a great Junkion all be it a very tall one. Don't you think? Since I have the left over extra Axor I might try it.

I was also going to put a license plate on Wreck-Gar but don't know how many letters a motocycle has. Using the 7 letters of a car tag I've come up with:


Any more or do motorcycles have less letters. I was told that there are only 5.
"Any more or do motorcycles have less letters. I was told that there are only 5."

I think they make an exception for a space-junk-bikes. ;)

Great story BTW. I hate scalpers, I go around to a lot of toy isles in a lot of stores looking for TFs and the like, so I've meet most of the local collectors and scalpers. I was shocked to find out that my sister has become one of the worst in town as she hunts stock for her toy store!

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If you're looking for a Lockdown, isn't the Animated one the same toy that was repacked for the RTF line? In pics it looks like it.
After this thread I had to stop in one TRU to see what's up. There's a couple of the Animated Lockdowns there, and an Animated IronHide, aside from all the usuals.

OT, the dorks have the same toy, on same shelves, in two different packages, at two different prices, in the bigger Skullgrin $22/ Bludgeon$20 (deluxe class?) One in the box as a robutt, one in box as the tank. Great. Duh.
They have similar aesthetics, but the DX Lockdown from the movie line is a completely different mold than the animated one.

MoonBaseTom Season tickets available. Call now.
Marvin Lee Wrote:
> Any more or do motorcycles have less letters. I
> was told that there are only 5.

It varies from state to state. Here in Illinois we can have 1 thru 4 letters plus 1 thru 99 Or 5 letters plus 1 thru 9
B00 Wrote:
> They have similar aesthetics, but the DX Lockdown
> from the movie line is a completely different mold
> than the animated one.

Thanks Boo, I figured I was ignorant of some key fact. I've only seen the Animated in store, for the sale price Marvin is bumpusing about.
Hey, just letting you know that Mr. Marvin Lee here is one cool cat, even aside from beating scalpers at their own game. Hopefully I can do a return favor one of these days!

More serious than thou
Hey Fujikuro,

Did you get the figure already? To the world out there I'd still like to get an animated Blur for a reasonble price. (They're pushing close to $30.00 bucks on Ebay!) Also a "Gears or War 1st set" for a reasonable price and lastly a missile for the recent release Tomahawk which is a sorts floppy Gobot chicen leg thing that I keep in coptor mode.
Sorry for the slow response. Yup, got it, love it, thank you very much! The only real disappointments for the figure are a lack of a shoulder-mounted cannon/rocket launcher, and the white plastic is a bit translucent. They really ought to have gone with a white plastic more in line with Drift, whose color is quite opaque. Other than that, it's a great update of the classic character.

BTW, for those that haven't found one yet, Hasbrotoyshop's got them in stock right now, along with a number of the other toys in the wave. []

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