Some quick & dirty customs

Posted by Ken-A 
For those of you I haven't inflicted these on already, here are a couple Transformers customs I threw together while my family is away in NC:

G1 comics Ratchet, made from a Happy Meal movie Ironhide.

G1 Skyfire, made from an Exosquad Veritech Fighter.

More to come (apologies in advance)! Happy new year, Ken-A
Sanjeev (Admin)
Haha...I love how you glued a windshield in front of Ratchet's face! These are great, Ken!
Thanks, Sanjeev. Here are a few more:

Optimus Prime (made from an SD Gundam Maxter), Megatron (an actual Kabaya TF candy toy, painted up), and Soundwave (an SD Gundam Sentinel).

And a couple more shots of Skyfire:

NEST stickers and an eraser Optimus pilot.

That's it for now, but I ain't hardly done with my project backlog. Best, Ken-A
Sanjeev (Admin)
Love the repainted SD Gundams! They came out great! I enjoy seeing little lightweight projects like this that are fun and creative. Keep it up, Ken!
Cool solution for Ratchet's faceshield. I guess he had that so he wouldn't get energon-guts splattering him in the face during operations?
Li'l Bludgeon!

Best, Ken-A

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Li'l Gutcruncher!

Best, Ken-A
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